The NDP Hockey team is looking for redemption this year, after losing in the playoffs last year.

The Saints have struggled in the playoffs in the past, and changed their preparation method for this season. When questioned about how the D1 team has prepared for the season, Head Coach Joe Dusbabek responded, “NDP Hockey raised the bar on its top level program by implementing strenuous and demanding workouts. The team endured, together, a tough program designed to challenge its players both physically and mentally. The off ice workout program helped create an atmosphere of a ‘never quit’ attitude.”

The players, disappointed from last season’s result, are looking for redemption this year.

When asked what the team’s expectations are this year, Judson Hayes, defensemen for NDP’s division 1 team says, “Expecting to win states and natty’s.” While this is a lofty goal, it is not unreasonable for the Saints, who have played well against out of state teams in the past.

The fans are also excited to see the season begin. According to Rylee Chasse, fans are excited to be “getting comfy and wearing sweatshirts.” Whatever the reason for attending, students can come support the Saints at the preseason Labor Day Tournament, beginning at 6:20 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 24 at Ice Den Scottsdale.

NDP celebrating after scoring a goal against Pinnacle.