The Notre Dame Prep Cross Country team has begun their early morning practices at 5:30 around the school. A small yet close-knit group of athletes, they must sacrifice precious hours of sleep to run anywhere from four to eight miles every morning.

   “It’s hard getting up early so often,” said NDP freshman Alex Matura, “but the miles we’ve been putting in have been totally paying off.” The cross country team has been improving rapidly over the past several years, and the team size has over twice the amount of runners that it had in 2018. On top of this, the team has been practicing multiple times per week throughout the summer to be as prepared as possible for the 2019 season. With the team size and skill improving so quickly, the coach of the team, Tim Paziora, has high expectations for this upcoming season.

The Cross Country Team at their home meet in 2018 Credit: Mike Harvey

   “We want to put the full team in the state meet,” said Coach Paziora, “I don’t see that being an issue.” The cross country team looks to test its improved team at the first invitational meet of the year on Sept. 7 at Crossroads Park. Until then, expect to see NDP’s cross country team practicing every day before school, sacrificing precious hours of sleep for improved times that can potentially bring the team to its first state meet in many years.