NDP club leaders are reevaluating meeting times for the 2019-2020 school year in light of the school’s new lunch schedule, which was implemented in an effort to decrease crowding during lunch. In order to accommodate student athletes and those with after-school jobs or activities, many clubs have met during lunch in past years. With the addition of a second lunch lunch period, this strategy may not be feasible for the majority of clubs with members from different grade levels. 

Mrs. Beers, Director of Student Activities, believes the most effective time for club meetings during the school day will be at break. According to her, clubs may also hold meetings at lunch “as long as [they] have two leaders each with different lunches.” There will be a meeting for club leaders to discuss these options as well as the possibility of shifting more meetings to after-school. 

One club leader has discovered an innovative solution for the lunch meeting dilemma. McKenna Timm, editor of NDP’s Literary Magazine, said she is “planning on having Literary Magazine meetings every Wednesday at lunch this year.” Since Wednesday is the only day when all students have lunch at the same time, Timm anticipates meeting on this day will be the best solution for her club. Club meetings on this day will likely be in high-demand, so many club leaders will need to further explore their options as the semester moves forward. 

Above: Mu Alpha Theta may be moving meetings to after school as a result of the new lunch schedule.