A new school year has begun at NDP, but not without controversy due to numerous new rules and practices the administration developed over the summer to be implemented during the 2019-2020 school year, the most controversial being the new split lunch schedule.

The majority of uproar about this change comes from the rising senior class. Even with the addition of seniors all having lunch together, originally not something they were guaranteed, there is much disapproval of this change. 

However, not everyone is against this change. Senior Stefano D’Alonzo stated that he “enjoys having more space in the cafeteria.” Despite this, he does not like that “underclassmen get to sit inside during the other lunch,” as sitting inside is seen as a senior privilege. 

Another senior, Hellenah Rosiek, a transfer from Xavier College Preparatory, also does not mind the new schedule. At Xavier, they did have one lunch, but had “a much bigger cafeteria,” so she was able to be inside as an underclassmen. Hellenah also has H period off, so she likes that on Thursdays she can get lunch outside of school. She is not the only senior who approves of this change.

New Lunch Schedule (courtesy of ndpsaints.org)

As NDP evolves as a community, there are always bound to be changes. Although the change in lunch schedule was not a welcomed one, the students have adapted to the new practice, and there have been no major struggles with it yet.