The Notre Dame Prep swim and dive team hired a new coach, Bob Ostrander, this fall to help lead them into the right direction. Nick Ward, junior swimmer, believes that the new coach “will add a lot to the team that was absent in previous years.” He goes on to talk about how he is very interactive and is improving the team morale by getting the team excited to go to practice.

Ostrander has professional experience, being one of the top coaches at Scottsdale Aquatics Club (SAC). SAC is one of the top teams in the state, and he is a large contribution to their performance. Nick states that the coach plans to “develop chemistry” by having “team huddles, group bus rides, interactive meetings, and group prayers.” Although they have a very small team this year, Nick believes that “the new coach will empower the individual swimmers to perform to their best and improve.”

The new swim season looks very promising for the Saints, and Notre Dame Prep is hopeful that students will be encouraged to cheer them on at meets.