Students at NDP are becoming familiar with this year’s new make-up test policy, but just as students become accustomed to the new ways for test-taking, the system begins to change again.

The old policy of taking a test with your teacher whenever you wanted is no more. Students must now take a test immediately upon return in The Testing Center at a scheduled time. This system is still changing and forming into a better experience for students and staff. 

“We’re working on a new system for both the ACE testing and the Testing Center system that we hope is less confusing for everyone involved,” said Madeline Jones, the Testing Coordinator at NDP, “We’re fusing both systems together!” Hopefully, this new system will bring less stress to all students, teachers, and faculty involved in the test make-up process.

With the current system, teachers and faculty have been overwhelmed with the number of students coming in to take tests. The current system “needs to be streamlined” in order to compensate for the rush of students to the ACE according to Jones. 

Although the new system does need to be fixed, NDP student Dominic Starkweather was able to experience taking a make-up Theology test in the ACE before they changed the system. He claimed the experience was “easy,” and all it took was a few emails to set up. He did feel as though the Testing Center was an “unwelcoming environment” to take a test in due to the odd set-up of the room and hopes this will be changed with a new system. 

Even though Dominic was able to easily set up a meeting time, he was among many trying to set up a meeting. “We have so many students taking tests here that the system we have in place now already needs to be streamlined,” said Jones.

While it may be easy to set up a testing time, it still may not be the most “fair” way to take a test according to students Lauren Stein and Brianna Amireh. Although these two have not taken a test in the Testing Center yet, they feel strongly on how it will affect them in the future. 

Stein believes students “should be given the same testing circumstances as their peers, even if they are absent.” “If a student has questions for the teacher, they should be able to ask them directly,” said Amireh. 

Taking a test in the ACE means the teacher will not be present during it. This has begun to put stress on many students, leading many of them to “dislike” the new system and believe that it is “inefficient” according to Amireh. 

Some students do not even know about the new testing system or the three missed-tests policy on grading. It is important for all students to become aware of this new policy and the repercussions it could possibly entail if one is not careful. On the third missed test in one class, a student will be penalized by 10 percent for that test. Students should be conscious of how many tests they have missed throughout the year and make a plan of action when absent. 

 “The new and simpler version is going to be unveiled very soon,” said Jones. All members of the NDP community are hoping this new and improved system will make taking tests more efficient and less stressful on all involved in the process. 

Students hope the new version will correct its downfalls and make the experience more fair. This new system can alleviate stress and time spent toward planning and worrying about a test make-up and allow NDP students and teachers to focus their efforts on other aspects of their studies and teaching.

Ms. Jones works in the Testing Center on Thursday, September 19. Photo by Danielle Drake.