Notre Dame Preparatory’s Dog Pound is doing an exceptional job improving school spirit and enthusiasm by helping to formulate pep rallies, House events and sporting events on a weekly basis.

     The Dog Pound needs to plan out fun activities in order to get more students engaged with school events to become a more unified community. These activities include fun games, chants and dances.

     Brenda Beers, Spirit Coordinator, is the adult supervisor of the Dog Pound, and she works very diligently to ensure that everything is being run to the best of her abilities; “We’re trying to make a lot more opportunities for the students to get engaged outside of the classrooms,” said Beers. 

     If more students participate in school events, it will result in a more unified and spirited atmosphere. Beers tries to make as many fun events, such as the neon dance and football tailgates, as possible to create a desire in the students to be more involved.

     Although Beers puts in a lot of hours for the Dog Pound, senior Dog Pound leader, Christopher Griffin, relieves much of the pressure off of Beers: “As one of the head Dog Pound leaders, there are many responsibilities. In the end, it’s all worth it, though. Zoe and Jason were such amazing leaders last year that sometimes there are pressures to reach expectations, but we have such an amazing Dog Pound team this year and are already off to a great start,” said Griffin.

     While the Dog Pound does a lot to ensure the ongoing spirit of the students, the House system also creates that same environment: “We have a wide range of leadership in the Dog Pound, and they’ve taken some of the burden off of the House leaders,” said Beers.

     Beers believes that the House and Dog Pound go hand-in-hand for creating a more active environment for the students because more and more people are wanting to join from various friend groups: “It has brought more leadership into the school and having more leadership brings more buy-in from other people and other groups.” 

     This past week was Dog Pound week, which gave an opportunity for students to earn House points by going to the games with exuberant clothes.

     On Tuesday, the Boy’s Golf and Girl’s Volleyball teams played with the Dog Pound cheering on wearing preppy-themed clothes. On Thursday, the Girl’s Golf and Girl’s Volleyball teams played with the Dog Pound cheering on wearing jungle-themed clothes. On Friday, the Saints played Gilbert at home and won 48-21 to remain undefeated.

     The Saints played well this week and hope for more success in throughout the year.

     “It feels amazing being supported by such an inspiring community. The Dog Pound invokes spirit and passion into our play, and that’s all I could ever ask for,” said Samantha Maxwell, senior varsity volleyball player. The Dog Pound goes above and beyond to motivate the players during their games and matches.

     Because of the wide diversity of leaders across the school, the Saint’s Dog Pound is the best it has been in recent years because of the increase in involvement, and they hope to continue to progress as the year goes on. Go Saints!