School spirit is at an all time high at NDP fall sports pep rallies due to the leadership from House Captains, as well as the enthusiasm from the Dog Pound.

Considering that the 2019-2020 school year is only the second full year of NDP’s House System, it has been a major success. The House System has allowed students who may not have known each other to become closer with one another. Saint Maximillian Kolbe Senior Leader Lindsey Nagel said, “I think school spirit has increased because most of the students have seen the House System in action and that it can be fun if you make it fun.”

One of the most fun events last year was the talent show, and Saint Maximillian Kolbe put a twist on it this year to make it even more exciting. The Teacher Talent Show on Thursday, August 29 was a hit, and all students could be seen laughing in the crowd. “I think all the new ideas and competitions are very creative ways to come together as one community of saints,” said Nagel.

“Another reason that school spirit is rising is because the seniors are buying into the House System, and the underclassmen are feeding off of that enthusiasm,” said Brenda Beers, who is the Spirit Coordinator for NDP. She also noted how the addition of more male students into leadership positions has shown that “it’s okay to be in student government; in the past, student government was comprised of 80 percent female students and only 20 percent male students.”

The successful pep rally was a reflection of the current state of the House System. Seniors are buying in, showing school spirit, and having a fun time. The Pep rally could not have been done without the help of the Dog Pound, which has done an excellent job this year in raising school spirit, and encouraging younger students to participate. The Dog Pound was in charge of introducing the events for the Pep rally, and they did a great job of firing everyone up.

After the first year of the House System was over, the school administration asked the students what could be done to improve the House system. Students responded with positive feedback, which appears to have been implemented into the new system this year. When asked what has changed from last year, Saint Michael Senior Leader Rachel Bateman said, “since it is the second year of running the House System, all the kinks have been worked out, and there has been a major improvement in organization, which gives the students positive vibes instead of a negative attitude.”

The House System has undergone major improvements since its installation, and students are finally warming up to the idea. The positive reactions from students after the pep rally is very encouraging for House Leaders. The leaders have worked very hard this school year, “while also attending a summer retreat in order to improve their leadership skills” Beers said.

The Fall sports pep rally was a great start to a year full of surprises within the House System. The House leaders have prepared for the year by going to meetings, planning, organizing, and communicating with each other to stay ahead of the game, and make sure everything runs smoothly.