Notre Dame Prep has begun work on its next exciting new project: the St. Catherine of Bologna Performing Arts Center. This new performing arts center will provide NDP’s drama department with an improved theater for its future productions as well as other performing arts classes extra room to practice.

    The school is likely to break ground for the new performing arts center around Nov. 1, 2019. According to Matt Rylski, Director of Enrollment, the project is projected to be completed by the spring of 2021, just in time for the spring musical.

     Faculty and students alike are eager for the completion of the performing arts center. “I’m particularly excited about having a space dedicated to the arts,” said Drama department head Celilia Henrich,. “While so many schools are having to cut their fine arts departments, it’s refreshing to know that Notre Dame Prep is committed to teaching the whole student in all disciplines.” 

     Notre Dame Prep is demonstrating this commitment to the performing arts through its spending of $6.8 million on the massive, 20,000 square foot building. Although this project is a major and costly undertaking, the payoff will be well worth the cost once completed.

     The completion of the performing arts center is likely to also have a major impact on the number of students participating in drama. “I think more people will join drama because of [the performing arts center] and it will help us grow a community of thespians,” said junior Maya Tokish. “It will be nice to have a different place other than the cafeteria to present our productions.” While only time will tell if more students join drama thanks to the new performing arts center, students are certainly excited about the construction of the building.

     Despite its primary purpose being for the performing arts, the St. Catherine of Bologna Performing Arts Center is intended to be used for a variety of campus activities. These activities include lectures, masses, guest speakers, and other events. The theater can easily be configured for any event thanks to the flexible seating arrangements that can be quickly moved and adjusted.

     Although the theater is the main attraction of the performing arts center, the building will also contain areas for classes to be held. There will be rooms for NDP Live to film announcements, the choir to practice singing, and guitar, jazz band, and other musical classes to be held.

     Although the completion of the St. Catherine of Bologna Performing Arts Center is still at least two years away, underclassmen can look forward to being among the first to experience all that this building has to offer. This is an exciting time for all of the Notre Dame community as the performing arts center is just the first of many projects that the school has planned. These future projects will all help student life be even more enjoyable for future attendees of the school.