Jordan Gehrke… quarterback for Notre Dame Preparatory class of 2012 and current NDP football assistant coach. 

He is the current quarterbacks coach for NDP’s varsity football team. He started at NDP as a freshman in 2008 and is now back at his alma mater coaching under the same coach that coached him, George Prelock. 

Gehrke said that what made him want to come back to NDP was that “coaching at NDP was a simple choice for me because it is at Notre Dame where I grew and developed. The coaching I received on all levels, freshmen, JV, and Varsity,  was an enjoyable experience and that is the reason why there are multiple alumni who don’t hesitate to come back to help. Another factor would be having Coach Prelock as the head coach. I have looked up to him since I was in high school.”

Coach Gehrke was a quarterback in high school and college and said that what interested him in being a “quarterback is you get to be in control and you get to be in high pressure situations. I love being in situations where the game is on the line and you have to lead the team to victory. As a kid, I would always create situations where it was fourth down and I had to throw Hail Marys to win the game.”

Prelock, the current varsity head coach, shared some of what Gehrke was like when he was a student and a player; he said that Gehrke “did a great job during his senior year as a captain and lead the Saints to the semifinals. He also played one of the toughest schedules this school has ever seen. He did a great job leading everyone that year. He and the team that year played all the top 5 teams in the 5A division.” 

Coach Prelock also spoke about Gehrke’s experience on being a coach, explaining that ”His experience is something that you can’t replace. Jordan moved to varsity after his sophomore year, and the experience he had in college obviously is invaluable to the program and to those that he coaches.” 

Gehrke “played at the University of Colorado Boulder [a PAC-12 school]. The Buffaloes, Sko Buffs! Collegiate football is an experience a select few get to have, so it was an honor being a part of a group of people with the same love for the game as me.” 

Prelock said that Gehrke “was an ultimate competitor, he was a leader, captain of the team. Jordan was with us during a difficult time when Coach Bemis got ill, and his leadership was one of the reasons we were able to get through that.” He demonstrated great leadership skills at NDP, which he brought onto Colorado.

Dominik Bagchi, the quarterback for the freshman team, has just started his career at Notre Dame. Over the summer and the beginning of the season, Bagchi had a chance to work with Coach Gehrke. He said that having Gehrke around has been great and “It has definitely been a plus having a QB specific coach at practice to help me. It keeps me on top of things and helps me keep working on my fundamentals and helps me throw the best I can in practice.” Gehrke eventually was moved up to the varsity-only coaching position.  

Senior Derek Elsholz, the starting quarterback for the varsity team, said that “Coach Gehrke has had a major impact on my life at NDP, not only teaching me how to develop myself as a QB, but instilling a work ethic and determination that helps me in all aspects of my life.” 

Gehrke’s expectations for this year’s quarterbacks are “is to have fun and enjoy their high school careers. This is a time were the relationships you make as a team and the memories you create will be the memories you talk about when you grow old. Wins are always great, but if a quarterback can look back and say he has developed into a better player and grew into a better leader my job has been fulfilled.”