Notre Dame Prep’s junior varsity volleyball team is welcoming new faces and ideas in the new school year. After gaining a new coach and all new players, except for junior Grace Stewart, the team is looking really good so far this year with a record of 3-1 and a great bond between the players. 

In order for a team to be successful, friendships between the players are key. The JV volleyball team does team bonding activities and rides the bus to and from games as a team. The team has three captains, sophomores Emma Keller, Keira Ryan, and Reagan Fox, who had the bonding activities. Keller said,” The JV team does team bonding and rides the bus to and from games as a team.” 

Ryan said that “In order to bond with one another, I cheer until I lose my voice. When one person is cheering and into the game, the feeling infects everyone around them. Eventually, the whole team is engaged, cheering, and playing as one. I apply this cheering method not only in our own games, but when we are watching freshmen or varsity, as well.”

Being a captain on any team can often be overwhelming. The responsibilities of being a leader and having people rely on you and look up to you can be difficult. Ryan and Keller both said that their position as captains on a team is fun and not overwhelming or difficult. Ryan said, “I find my responsibilities as a captain to be a positive way to engage and bond with my team. My responsibilities are never overwhelming because I have my team to support me.”  

Keller and Ryan really enjoy being captains. Ryan said, “I enjoy every aspect of being a captain for this team. Our struggles only make us closer. I love the joy that comes from playing as a cohesive team. Everyone is engaged, and the game becomes exciting.”

On the other hand, there are also brand new freshmen like Gracie Lambrecht that have never played on a high school team before.  Lambrecht said, “No I haven’t been on a team like this team because usually, I play on a team with players the same age as me, whereas on this team I am playing with not only people my age but older. The team, in general, is very similar to the other volleyball teams I have been on because of the unity and good relationship we have with each other.”

Mark your calendars as the team plays McClintock, Horizon, and North Canyon October 1st through the 3rd.