In the beginning of the golf season, the Notre Dame Prep varsity boys golf team had a pretty rough start.

However, they feel they are back on track to compete for a state championship now as new captain senior Andy Knoll said, “The beginning was a slow start, but we are back on track to have a good chance to win the state championship. In our first match and tournament, we didn’t shoot the scores we wanted to shoot.”

The Saints team have made it clear that they believe that they have the talent to win the championship. Knoll said, “Our goal as a team is to win the state championship. We have the talent to win, but so do other teams. We need to stay focused, play smarter than the other teams, and take every shot one at a time.”

They will have the experience to win a championship as the team is made up of two juniors and five seniors along with freshman Charles Gerut. Knoll said, “… Gerut…may not be playing in our starting lineup, but he shows the potential to grow. He watches how we play, practice, and think so he can mimic it. This is a learning experience for him as it was for all of us at one point.” So, the Saints believe that if there is a time to win it is now with so many upperclassman as they want to win before they leave for college. 

The team has also made many strides so far this year.  Knoll said, “As a team, everyone has made big strides this season, just in different ways.”

Knoll said that “Cade Anderson… has made the biggest strides this season. He is off to a great start and currently plays our number one spot.” 

Knoll’s individual goal for the season is “includes helping my team to win state and to place individually. As my last year, I want it to be a memory I have with me forever.” It would indeed be a great memory for his senior year and it would not be out of reach as the Saints are ranked sixth in division II for Arizona and have been rising for the past couple of weeks.

Overall, the Saints are trying with all their strength to get that elusive state championship. The team’s window is now and they have all of the skills and experience to do so. The Saints want every senior on the team to get what they have been working hard for a whole four years and to leave NDP with a great sense of accomplishment knowing they finally did it.