The swim and dive team has been off to a great start with new coaches and All-American junior William Bansberg as one of its leaders. 

Bansberg started swimming at around six years old and began competing against others a few years later. When asked about his start in the sport, Bansberg said, “In my opinion, I didn’t choose swimming, swimming chose me.” According to Bansberg, he was always meant to be a swimmer. 

He has high hopes for his teammates; he said that “This season, I would like every single member of our team to qualify for state, either in an individual event or on a relay.” 

Bansberg is a competitor. One of the main reasons he enjoys swimming so much is competing. He said, “I love competing against another swimmer.” 

Fellow junior swimmer Chris Matura thinks Bansberg is a great leader. Matura said,  “He makes sure everyone feels included and pushes the team to be the best swimmers we can be.”

Bansberg said this season is going very well and that he has “been hitting best times in my in-season meets and even at practice, which is a very good sign.” 

Bansberg also has very high hopes for the remainder of the season for himself and the team. He said, “I would like to be top 3 in the state in both of my individual events at state. I would like every single member of our team to qualify for state, either in an individual event or on a relay.” 

He is a leader for the team and wants everyone to do their best. Bansberg has recently won the award of becoming an All American. He said, “I was very excited when I got an email saying I was named an All American.” This was one of his greatest accomplishments and probably his best swimming awards. 

Although he has received this incredible award, he has not received any offers yet. Bansberg said that he has “been talking to Auburn, USC, Notre Dame, University of Arizona, Columbia, Cornell, Georgia Tech, Penn, and Louisville.” 

The swim and dive team has gone through some changes this year including new coaches. The new coaches also have different philosophies compared to the old ones. The head coach is Bob Ostrander.

The new coaches have put a lot of emphasis on speed work.  According to Bansberg, “During practices, we work on our starts, turns, and underwater kicks at a very fast pace to make sure they are flawless during our races.” 

Matura likes the new coaches and thinks they are helping everyone improve. Matura said,  “They try and help everybody improve on their stokes and times and hold good practices to help us all improve.” The coaches are a great addition to the swim and dive team and can hopefully lead them to continued success.