The new sophomores on JV football team have so much potential if they continue to play football. The JV football team is currently undefeated at 5-0 and plans to keep it that way.

Asked on what their thoughts are in the current season, sophomore middle linebacker Tyler Muranaka said, “The season is going great, we haven’t lost a game yet and our defense is stopping everyone.”

The JV football team has some great sophomore players and is a strong team overall. Sophomore lineman Carson Stengel said that he and the team are “Getting better, stronger, and faster.” 

The team knows each other well and has a great bond out in the field and in the class. Most of the JV football team wants to go play varsity or even college football. The team practices drills and plays out on the field to practice. The head coach, Jeff Fox, said that the team bonds by “sacrificing individualism for the sake of the collective.”

The team trains together in the weight room with Coach Derry and gets stronger. In an interview, sophomore linebacker William Shrecker said, “Those Derry workouts are really working.” The team learns about lifts that help with power and strength for football. The Saints have made it clear that they want to get stronger and better at football and are dedicated to it. 

When asked about what they want to do moving on through the year, most said they hope to keep to keep their undefeated record and 

Fox said that “The main goals of the JV program are to develop individual players in order that many will be ready to play varsity next year. And to create a dynamic team atmosphere where we improve as a group as the season progresses.” 

 When asked about how the team is improving, Stengel said that “Our defense is really good and we’re getting better as a team together.” The Saints JV team’s defense is especially strong since they have kept each team to under 10 points including a 79-0 shutout against St. John Paul II Catholic School and a 27-0 shutout against Cactus Shadows.