Freshman quarterback Dominik Bagchi is the new big man on campus, and he is taking on the responsibilities and the hype that comes with the position. Bagchi has very high hopes for his team, as well as for himself. 

Bagchi comes from a background of football, starting at just the age of five years old. He says he “always found it an interesting sport, just watching it on TV… since that moment, I have loved football.”

One may wonder if Bagchi has ever played a different position, but he has been a quarterback from the start. He explains his attraction to the position, saying, “I have always played Quarterback and the reason is when I started watching football the position that stood out most was the Quarterback because of how everything revolves around him.”

He expects a lot of good to come out of this season, as well as for the rest of his high school career, and even past that. When asked about what he sees in the future for his team, Bagchi said, “I hope we can beat Horizon this year and hope to be considered one of the better freshman teams in the state.” 

Notre Dame freshman football coach Gerry Ladensack had some positive words about Bagchi, saying, “I expect Dominik to continue working. With his work ethic, he can master the role of being a leader at the QB position. It’s within his grasp that he will be able to get there.”

Bagchi’s teammate, defensive end Eli Rodriguez, said that “Dominik is a very good teammate and he knows how to make his presence known. He is a loud presence in the right ways.” 

When asked if he sees great things in the future for Bagchi, Rodriguez said, “I do, he is very talented.”

Bagchi is a confident leader of the freshman team. When asked about the responsibility he feels, he said, “I feel I am taking on the responsibility of leading our freshman class and trying to make everyone as good as I possibly can. I also feel I am the main reason we will be successful or fail.”

Coach Ladensack loves this positivity and fire from the young quarterback; although he wants to make sure he remembers football is only a game. Ladensack said he wants Bagchi to “above all, smile and have a good time playing.”