In the new 2019-2020 NDP season, the varsity pommies are experiencing many changes, including a new coach and training program. 

At Notre Dame, Mrs. Brie Dragonetti is already the Dean of Women and holds multiple responsibilities that contribute to the success of students in and out of the classroom, and now she has taken over the varsity pom program as well. 

Dragonetti explained that it can be hard to juggle two important roles at once. She said, “Juggling both roles is definitely tough at times. I love my job as a dean and I love pom so when I have a meeting during pom it is tough for me because I have to choose one over the other,” she said in an interview. 

When asked about her experience and what she loves about her job, Dragonetti said that she has always been a dancer and decided that she wanted to share her passion with girls who were just like her through coaching. 

The girls especially love their new coach and admire her strengths. In general, they believe that Dragonetti is very personable, approachable, and really thorough with her choreography, which makes her an even better coach. At the same time, choreography can be very difficult. “Choreographing can be difficult because sometimes you have a vision for what the routine should look like, but once you get started you realize the vision isn’t working or changes need to be made,” Coach Dragonetti said. 

Not many people may know that Dragonetti has had experience in pom and began dancing at a very young age. She danced throughout college and loved every moment of it. When she had the chance to coach a group of girls that were around her age when she started, she did not hesitate.

Coach Dragonetti has a better insight into the high school drama and the pressures we face every day than most coaches because of all of her experience. Although she may be the dean, connecting with the girls has been easy and she knows how to have patience when moods change because of school life and the hardships the girls may encounter.

Sophomore pommies Gianna Sciortino and Sasha Lambrecht have been friends since middle school, and their relationship grew even stronger because of pom. “With pom, we get to do something together, and not only are we just be friends but we have that teammate bond as well,” Lambrecht said. 

Varsity pom has practice every day for two hours, including utilizing the H period sport-specific class.  They will also occasionally have mandatory choreography practice on Saturdays, and thanks to Coach Dragonetti, the girls have no conditioning this year, another switch from last year, but that does not mean they have tons of free time.  

When the girls were asked if they are ever upset because they miss out on the Dog Pound fun at the football games, they feel the complete opposite. Sciortino expressed that “A lot of our best friends are on the team, so we aren’t missing out.” 

Lambrecht and Sciortino have strengthened relationships with upperclassmen, as well as spending time with girls their age on the team. “I love having that upperclassman relationship because it is like having an older sister,” said Lambrecht. The upperclassman have influenced them in many ways and have helped them become the pommies they are today. They took them under their wing and have been supporting them since freshman year, which the underclassmen adore. 

Sciortino also stated that “being on team strengths the bond between everyone because we all have to dance the same, work the same, we all have to be at practice at the same time.” This not only contributes to the success of a single person but also the team as a whole.

Mrs. Brie Dragonetti is doing a wonderful job leading these ladies in the right direction and continues to lead them down the path of success for their impending competition season. She cannot wait to see where this year takes them, and although it is vigorous work, Coach Dragonetti makes it a lot more fun. She said, “I absolutely love the girls and feel so blessed to coach such an amazing group of girls. As we get to know each other more, I think we’ll continue to grow and connect as a team.”