The coed NDP cross country team ran at home against two high schools, Tempe and Arcadia, on September 24th. It was a difficult Tuesday afternoon for both the boys and girls on the NDP team. 

The boys lost to Tempe by 13 points, but despite this loss, they were still able to overpower Arcadia by 22. On the other hand, the girls’ only competition this race was Arcadia, whom they lost to by 25.

The high school boys began the race by effortlessly sprinting two laps around the track. The runners then took a lengthy trail around WestWorld and back through the NDP campus, finishing where they began. Five minutes after the boys embarked on their race, the girls began their journey. The girls followed their footsteps and also began by running two laps around the track and eventually finished back at home after running the same route. 

The 2019 NDP cross country team consists of 10 freshmen, seven juniors, four sophomores, and one senior. With many new legs joining the team this season, it is clear that it will take commitment and effort for the team to develop their strategy.

The boys raced around the school with Notre Dame junior, Cameron Graninger, maintaining the lead throughout the whole race. The girls’ teams were neck and neck throughout the whole race, yet NDP stood their ground and kept it tight.

Although NDP failed to rack up enough points to beat the other two schools, it was still a win for Graninger.  He kept a steady pace and maintained focus throughout the entire race and finished first with an outstanding time of 17 minutes and 54 seconds, beating all 46 of the other participants. Graninger is an essential asset to the NDP cross country team. Last year, he earned a Top Finisher Medal at the Thunderbird national race. 

Freshman Ella Lahr also represented NDP well as she was the first female contestant to finish for NDP.  Lahr finished strong in fifth place out of 15 contestants with a time of 24 minutes and 18 seconds. It appeared as if everyone was eager to see Lahr place 4th; however, she came in just twelve seconds behind the contestant in front of her. 

The team’s next meet will be held at Glendale Heroes Regional Park on Saturday, October 5th.