Senior linebacker #90 Brock Locnikar is looking to have a crazy good season.  He is committed to Harvard University, and last year, he was named Player of the Year and 1st Team All State. Locnikar has been playing football since 8th grade, so he is newer to the sport but is always striving to get better. 

Senior linebacker Matt Malloy said, “This year, I believe Brock will have another great year and stay healthy during the season. He will most likely lead the team in tackles again.”

Locnikar is a leader in many ways; he is a role model not just because he is a senior but because of how he plays in games and how he works hard in practice. Varsity head coach George Prelock said that “He leads by example, works hard in practice trying to get every rep he can. When we do conditioning, he is one of those guys who wants to be in front and off the field. He is competing with his academics and wants to succeed in the classroom and understands that there is more to life than football and he is already preparing for that and once his career is over here and at Harvard he understands the importance of there being more than football.” 

Malloy said, “On our team, Brock is a natural leader with a true passion for the sport. He is one of the hardest workers and one of the hardest hitters.”

Locnikar has many strengths that others do not have or must train extra hard for. Prelock said that “he’s got a great motor first of all. He is impervious to pain; doesn’t matter what happens he wants to play for his team and he’s got this attitude to not let his teammates down. He’s aggressive and he’s got things that coaches can not coach like being able to turn it off and on… he is a completely different person on and off the field and it is as soon as he crosses the sidelines.” 

He is more than just a leader. “Besides being a captain of the defense, Brock’s passion and attitude towards the game of football truly inspires those around him,” Malloy said. 

The senior linebacker stands out from his competitors in many different ways.  Prelock said, “One thing that makes him different from his competitors is his drive and his attitude to never give up. His willingness to compete either if it is during a game or practice, I think that is what sets him apart from the helmets simply because he is one of those kids who plays like he practices.”

According to Prelock, “what separates him from his teammates is his personality is different from everyone else on the team. He is one of those individuals who is extremely intelligent and has a personality that is larger than life; everybody has a personality on the team but he really just talks to everyone on the team and makes it a point to really talk to everybody and really just tries to lead.” 

Locnikar does not just uses his physical strength; he also uses his intelligence. Malloy said that “Brock is tenacious and smart on the football field. He releases his effort on big and small plays, allowing him to play every down.”  He stands out on the field by using a lot of different strategies along with his physical and mental strength, and that is how he has gotten so far in his four years of playing football. 

What drives Locnikar and makes him want to train and practice is the desire to win.  He said that he has “… a fear of losing and I want to win everything in my life.” 

After the season is over, Locnikar will continue to work hard to be the best. He said, “I train for three hours a day after the season ends and during season I go to practice and then afterwards I lift weights and do conditioning”. 

Locnikar has had to do a lot to be as good as he is. He said, “I have changed over the years because I am able to see clearly what I need to fix in my game I have worked tirelessly every day throughout my life to focus to become the best football player I can be.” The senior linebacker wants to be the best he can be and is willing to go as far as he can to accomplish his goals.

Notre Dame Prep has some great players, not just Locnikar. The senior linebacker said, “Even though we lost Jake Smith I think every other position is better our biggest strength is our sense of fortitude and that we never give up.” 

Locnikar thinks that the team will accomplish a lot this season. He said, “Last year was a great year for football, we all played very well except in the last game this year I believe that we can win the gold  I think the team is improving every week and I believe we can win the 5A conference.”