Coach Steve Bush, a former NFL player and current NDP varsity football line coach, is planning to coach a winning football program this season. Notre Dame Preparatory Football team is 6-0 and off to a great start, so it seems like Bush’s plan is working.

Bush has played and coached the sport for many years. “I played Tight End/ Fullback. I played collegiality at ASU, graduating in 1997. I played professionally for 9 years, Cincinnati Bengals (1997-2000) Arizona Cardinals (2001-2003) and San Francisco 49ers (2004-2005), I have been coaching youth sports since 2006,” said Bush.

He is a very passionate coach and has a great love for the sport. One of Coach Bush’s current offensive linemen, sophomore Duke Frye, said, “He is a very loud and expressive coach. He says what is on his mind and tells you the raw truth.” 

There are many strong characteristics that people need in order to be great high school coaches. Bush has many strengths and incorporates them into his coaching strategy. Frye said that Bush’s “main strength would be his background with blocking. Although he wasn’t an offensive linemen in the NFL, he still knows the best ways to block guys since he played as a Tight End that mostly blocked.”

Bush has over 10 years of coaching football experience at different levels and it helps with coaching high schoolers. He played at the professional level for almost ten years and has developed many coaching skills and techniques that can be helpful for the linemen. 

“His experience in the NFL and his experience with coaching for a long time definitely helps every single player on the line. Since he knows what the top athletes at our positions are like, he uses those experiences from those athletes to teach us. He also prepares us for the next level by telling us what tendencies certain positions will have and also how to block guys that are better and bigger than you,” said Frye. 

Bush said that “As a team our season has progressed as expected. We need to continue to defeat our weaker opponents and prepare for better competition later in our schedule and playoffs. The offensive line is made up of some great kids that I really enjoy coaching… Collectively we have continued to work on our fundamentals and continue learning how to trust one another.” The NDP offensive line has room for improvement, but the group has learned to work well together through the start of the season and Coach Bush hopes that progress will continue as the season moves forward.