The undefeated NDP and Desert Mountain D3 hockey teams took the ice on September 29th and the nail-biter game did not disappoint.

With several new freshmen joining the roster, the NDP team is just starting to really get to know each other. The team had only played a total of three regular season games together prior to this game. When watching the NDP D3 team play, fans would never be able to tell that they are a new team and just starting to play together. 

This weekend, junior goalie Aiden Rettke played in net and had an amazing game with several great saves. The game started off with a quick goal by NDP junior Edvard Shilgevorkyan. Later in the period, with two minutes and five seconds left, the second goal of the game was scored on a power play by NDP freshman Tyler Posch. 

This goal was quickly answered by a Desert Mountain goal scored Drake Dannenberg with just over a minute left in the period. The first period ended with the score of 2-1 and NDP in the lead.

Halfway through the second period, Desert Mountain was given another penalty, a high sticking. NDP freshman Holden Hrabak scored the fourth goal of the game to make the score 3-1. Desert Mountain scored its second and third goals of the game from juniors Jackson Winchell and Tyler Slaney. Not long after Desert Mountain’s third goal, NDP freshman Evan Kobley scored, and the second period ended with NDP leading 4-3.

In the beginning of the third period, Desert Mountain junior Ryan Walsh scored a goal to make the game score 4-4. With just under ten minutes left in the period, Edvard Shilgevorkyan scored another goal to give NDP a 5-4 lead. Winchell scored his second goal of the night to tie the game at 5-5 and then Desert Mountain took a 6-5 lead thanks to a goal from Crew Lombardi with less than two minutes to go. 

After that goal, NDP pulled its goalie so they had extra skater on the ice with a chance to score, but the Saints sadly could not tie the game. The final score was 6-5 in favor of the Wolves, leaving them the only undefeated team left in the D3 hockey league.