The undefeated Saints faced off against the Horizon Huskies, who had only lost one game going into the October 11th matchup. This was expected to be a close game based on both of the teams’ impressive records. 

This particular Friday night consisted of packed stands on both sides, electric benches, rolling tides, and defeat. Each quarter had different changes in score and momentum for both teams. The Huskies made the first push with the Saints pushing right back, and the forces kept bouncing back and forth until Horizon shut down the Saints in the second overtime. 

The Saints held a small but consistent lead throughout the first and second quarter. Senior running back Dominick Mastro, with 24 runs totaling at 208 yards and two touchdowns, scored the only touchdown in the first half. The Huskies were able to force two field goals in the first half to get within one.  The first half ended with the Saints leading 7-6. 

In the third quarter, Horizon began to make a comeback after a 27-yard pass from senior quarterback Jake Martinelli to junior wide receiver Avery Lambert and a 2-point conversion from Martinelli to senior wide receiver Austin Alosi. The Saints fumbled the ball and the Huskies responded with a rushing touchdown. 

With the score 21-7, the Saints were able to make a comeback because of a trick play with an initial pass from senior quarterback Derek Elsholz to junior wide receiver Damien Owens who then passed it downfield to senior tight end/linebackerConnor Butt, resulting in a touchdown and an extra point by senior kicker Griffin Chewning. In the fourth quarter, the Saints tied the game 21-21 because of a rushing touchdown by junior fullback J.D. Roberts. 

The teams tied in the first OT 28-28, forcing a second overtime. The Saints were able to strike first, but the Huskies blocked the extra point attempt, leaving the score 34-28 in the Saints’ favor. Horizon scored a touchdown and made the extra point. The Huskies defeated the Saints 35-34 in double overtime.