From after school hangouts to celebrations after the game, certain places hold a special place in the heart of NDP students. Here are the top seven places at the heart of NDP culture.

1. The Village

As a community, NDP values its health. Everyday, students can be found at The Village working out for sports or recreation. With its close proximity to school, it is an ideal place for a quick workout any time of the day.

 Even on cloudy days like this, NDP students can be found at the Village to get a workout in. Staff photo taken by Jarod Bogsinske on Nov 20.

2. Tom’s Thumb

Both a gas station and a restaurant, Tom’s Thumb is a hub for NDP students. Directly located on the way to school for many students, “The Thumb” is a popular pickup spot for energy drinks and gas in the morning, as well as barbecue in the afternoon.     

     “I stop at the Thumb at least once a week for an energy drink in the morning, and the location makes it a perfect and easy stop on the way into school,”said NDP junior Christian Galia.

Photo of a sign at the Tom’s Thumb gas pumps where students fuel up their cars and their bodies before and after school. Staff photo taken by Jarod Bogsinske on Nov 20.

3. HB Wellness

After a workout or sports practice, many NDP students can be found at HB Wellness getting a protein shake. NDP senior Lexi Druken said, “I like HB because the shakes are quick and easy meals that aren’t too filling.” With countless different flavor combinations, students are always finding new favorites. 

NDP seniors Lily Dee, Jarod Bogsinske, Lexi Druken, and Kaitlyn Madrigal stop by HB Wellness for a tasty shake after school on April 9. Photo taken by NDP senior Kira Carmical.

4. Chick-Fil-A

After a long day at school, the Chick-Fil-A drive thru is sure to be teeming full of NDP cars getting an afternoon snack or late lunch. Sometimes, students can even be treated to Chick-Fil-A at House events and special lunches on campus. 

     “Chick-Fil-A is a cheap and delicious option that every NDP student craves once in a while,” said NDP junior Shireen Sadeghi.

Whether it’s the Chick-Fil-A sauce or waffle fries that draws in students, Chick-Fil-A is a NDP staple.

The “home of the original chicken sandwich” is always bustling with NDP cars and students after school. Staff photo taken by Jarod Bogsinske on Nov 19. 

5. Dutch Bros Coffee

Whether it be at the Greyhawk, Northsight, or Bell location, there are bound to be NDP students in line for a Dutch rebel or coffee in the morning. Some students, such as senior Mary Stallkamp, get Dutch Bros every day before they come to school. 

     “After a kairos event, game, or long night out, Dutch Bros is always a great place to hang out and talk,”said NDP senior Austin Layne. 

With drinks that are sweet and packed full of caffeine, it is no surprise that Dutch Bros is a NDP favorite.

NDP seniors Karlie Perry and Natalia Sanabria enjoy a late night stop at Dutch Bros in Tempe on Nov 16. Staff photo taken by Jarod Bogsinske.

6. AJ’s

Every morning, dozens of students walk into school with their AJ’s to kick start their day, and after school there is a caravan of cars heading from NDP to AJ’s for an afterschool refreshment. Though Dutch Bros, Starbucks, and Dunkin Donuts are all seen on campus, AJ’s is by far the most popular. Many students, such as NDP senior Bailey Benson, go to AJ’s every day.

     “AJ’s after school is something that I look forward to… all of the people at AJ’s know me and my order, making it a super special place for me to relax after school,” said Benson.

NDP senior Lily Dee poses with her daily AJ’s tea as she waits to pick up her sister from school on Nov. 15. Staff Photo taken by Jarod Bogsinske.

7. In-n-Out

After every game, show, or other NDP school event, In-n-Out is always packed after. NDP senior Michael Fagan said, “In-n-Out is a place of school spirit and camaraderie. No matter if we win or lose, we go to In-n-Out and let go of what happened earlier in the night.”

     “In-n-Out means more to everyone than just a place with burgers and fries. It is a place of friendship and celebration,” said NDP sophomore Gianna Sciortino. It is this welcoming environment that makes In-n-Out the pinnacle of the NDP experience. 

NDP students celebrate another win after the football game Nov 15 as the saints move on to the next round of playoffs. Staff photo taken by Jarod Bogsinske.