Students at NDP need to be informed about all the lunch items to be able to decide what will get them through the difficult day. NDP offers a variety of different items, including restaurant foods, such as Barro’s pizza, Chick-fil-A chicken sandwiches and Samurai Sam’s chicken with rice. 

   “Bringing in foods from different restaurants allows [Notre Dame] to create extra profit because of their popularity,” senior Bannack Wheeler said. Although the restaurant foods may be preferred, the homemade foods are still very reliable and tasty options. The following list includes the top six homemade lunch items that are served by the school. 

Scott King working to satisfy students’ hunger during the difficult lunch time at NDP.

6. Crispy chicken sandwich:

     While this item may often be criticized for its dryness and lack of flavor, adding some barbecue sauce or ketchup can turn it into a great meal. With a good amount of protein and high carbohydrates, it is a great way to find energy in the middle of the day. “I don’t always get the crispy chicken sandwich, but when I do, I’m typically happy with it,” junior Max Zdimal said.

5. Roast beef sandwich:

Its juicy sauce completely turns this sandwich into a desirable item that melts in a student’s mouth. “It’s a great sandwich with the sauce, but I don’t know if I would choose it without the sauce,” sophomore Nikki Swetonic said. Even without the sauce, the bread’s softness mixes perfectly with the beef’s tenderness, creating a sensation of satisfaction. 

4. Chicken tenders:

     With the perfect amount of seasoning and crispness, it is hard to go wrong with these tenders. Served every brunch, it is hard to pass up on the perfectly cooked tenders. “The chicken tenders are always reliable,” said Swetonic.

3. Hot ham and cheese sandwich:

     This sandwich may sound odd not coming out cold, but the heat really makes it a completely different sandwich than the generic. The cheesiness complements perfectly with the ham and makes it a more desirable meal choice. “It’s really good. I sometimes find myself craving it during class,” said Wheeler. This sandwich can be a great method to get energized after a long class.

2. Buffalo chicken sandwich:

     Out of all the different varieties of sandwich NDP has to offer, this is by far the best. The sauce on the chicken gives it an irresistible tangy flavor that can be a great jump for the middle of the day. “It tastes like chicken wings but with an extra kick of bread to boost its flavor,” said Zdimal.

1. Fish tacos

     Although a very rare item on the NDP lunch menu, once these tacos are on the white board, the lines heavily increase with people eager for their own. The soft shell tortilla holds the fried fish with a complimentary zesty sauce that mixes so well that one order is not enough. “The fish tacos are easily the best items on the menu. [NDP] should really start selling them more often,” said Wheeler.