Water is a critical part of every student’s day at NDP. Every person is recommended to drink at least half of their body weight in ounces of water, so it is necessary that students intake much of their daily water at school.

Senior Shireen Sadeghi drinks a lot of water every day at school. “I drink at least one hydro flask, which is 32 oz, every day,” Sadeghi said. When students like Sadeghi are thirsty, they must go to one of Notre Dame Prep’s many water fountains.

Despite the fact that water is mostly tasteless, each of the water fountains at Notre Dame Prep has unique qualities that sets them apart from each other. Some fountains are colder than others, some have higher arcs than others, and some water tastes purer than others. Here are the water fountains on NDP’s campus, ranked from best to worst.

  1. The weight room

The best water at Notre Dame can be found just outside the gym weight room, which is fitting because students need water most frequently when exercising. This water is always cold and the arc is high enough above the head that students will never accidentally touch this part with their mouths.

Many students agree that the gym water fountain is the best one on campus. According to junior Christian Galia, “The [water fountain] outside the weight room is my favorite because the water is colder and tastes better because [the fountain] is newer.”

The water fountain outside of the gym weight room. Its cold water, ideal location, and ability to quickly fill water bottles makes it the best water fountain on campus. Photo by Dylan O’Hara.

  1. The 900 building

The second best water fountains are on the other end of campus inside the 900 building. While the location is not as ideal as the gym water fountain, being situated between the entrance to two bathrooms, the water tastes just as good as the fountain in the gym, being cold and having a high arc.

Students are torn between whether the gym water fountain or the 900 building water fountain is the best water fountains on campus. According to senior Jonah Linnenkamp, “[His favorite water fountain is] probably the 900s one… because it is cold and doesn’t taste like copper.”

The 900 building includes both a tall and short water fountain, which is located just outside the two classrooms. Students enjoy the water quality, making it a very good option for water. Photo by Dylan O’Hara.

  1. The cafeteria

A water fountain that not many students are aware of is the fountain inside the cafeteria. Due to how busy this building often is, students overlook this drinking fountain, but the water tastes almost as cold as the previous two. A downside to this water fountain, however, is that students in line and near the cafeteria tables crowd around it, making it difficult to access during both break and lunch, which is why it ranks third.

The water fountain in the cafeteria, which resides next to the lunch line. It includes a water dispenser for water bottles on the top. Photo by Dylan O’Hara.

  1. Outside the boy’s locker room

The next best water fountains on campus are located in the gym just outside the boy’s locker room and bathroom. These water fountains are not quite as good as the first three on the list because the water is warmer and the arc of the water is lower, so it is possible that students could touch the head with their mouths. These water fountains are still viable if a student is in desperate need of water, but because the weight room water fountain is just down the hallway, it is almost always worth taking the extra time to walk to it.

The water fountains outside the boy’s locker room rest in an alcove between the locker room and boy’s restroom. There is one water fountain for taller students, and one for shorter students. Photo by Dylan O’Hara.

  1. The gym hallway

The main hallway of the gym contains two water fountains, and both taste almost the same. Their arcs are about as low as the water by the boy’s locker room, but they are worse because the water is warmer. When deciding between these two water fountains, students should drink from the fountain farther from the entrance because the water is slightly colder, but both offer almost the same drinking experience.

This pair of water fountains is one of the two sets in the main gym hallway. Just as the previous item on the list, these water fountains are inclusive to both tall and short students. Photo by Dylan O’Hara.

  1. The 400 building

The water fountain outside of the 400 building should never be used unless a student is in desperation. The water fountain is made entirely of metal except for the buttons and is in the sun all day, so it is hot to even touch. To make matters worse, the water, while cold, tastes like copper. This water fountain is not ideal to drink from and should be avoided at all costs.

This water fountain sits on the side of the 400 building near the Spanish classrooms. While a convenient option for students taking a class in the 400 building, walking across the street to the gym to drink better water is recommended. Photo by Dylan O’Hara.