A day in the life of all-star soccer player sophomore Skylar Behm consists of busy schedules and endless training. It is as simple as this: eat, sleep, soccer, repeat. Behm has been playing soccer for about eight years now, and all of her hard work and dedication has not only made her a better player, but a better person. Behm is very strong-willed and it is easy to see that on and off the field. Going from club season for about nine months into straight training and then school soccer is a big commitment, yet she maintains amazing grades and a consistent social life

Skylar Behm, one of three freshmen who made it on varsity last year, is loved by all of her teammates and coaches. When asked about her schedule for the upcoming sophomore varsity season, she explained, for H period on Mondays we go out to the field and do drills and on Tuesdays, we are in the weight room doing light weights and leg workouts and abs and then Thursdays is a mix of both.” 

Behm and the rest of her teammates, both JV and varsity, have H period soccer class to prepare and train for the season. Behm is more excited than ever to be returning to varsity and is looking forward to getting closer with her team and she is especially eager for the team dinners. 

Although, her training stopped for a significant amount of time when she unfortunately suffered a concussion. She had to be off her phone for almost the whole day and could not strain her brain since that would cause her major physical pain. All she could do was eat and sleep. Sadly, Behm just got another ankle injury, but she won’t be out for too long.

Her head coach, Tom White, can still see her improvement through all of the injuries and setbacks. White said, “She is more self-aware. In terms of her strengths and weaknesses. When she has a mistake she is starting to figure out why and what decisions should be made or how she would have reacted better to it.” Coach White is impressed  by Behm’s performance and continues to acknowledge the most important of her strengths, her speed. 

When it comes to speed, it is the single-most important aspect in the game of soccer, and Behm has a lot of it. One, she is ridiculously fast. I call it ‘stupid fast’, where people have no idea how fast they are,” Coach White elaborates. White also explains how varsity soccer helps her as a player overall. When she plays against 17 and 18 year olds at the varsity level, the game should slow down for her when she goes back to club. “She should be more successful playing at a higher level against girls who are just as fast and smarter which makes her raise her game as well,” White says. 

 Even with all of her accumulated injuries, Behm is still one of the fastest players on the team. Coach White also knows her skillset and does not limit her to one position.  White said that Behm can play “anything on the outside or the wing where she can just use her speed and endurance as much as possible.”

Not only does Behm have speed, but almost all of her peers can not stop bragging about her perseverance. Cameron Ninneman, a senior on the varsity team, met Behm last year and when asked about her work ethic, she said, “Skylar works really hard on and off the field at all times and she is never one to quit on anything.”  Ninneman and Behm have grown in their friendship immensely even though Ninneman is three years older. Behm feels, “I really really enjoy being on a team with upperclassmen because it’s just getting to meet new people and connect with them and they are all funny and nice.”

Not only do upperclassmen notice this talent, but her best friend, sophomore Peyton Layne, does as well. Layne said, “I think that skylar is very strong and  very resilient considering all the injuries she has overcome.” Layne and Behm have known each other for just about three years now because of club soccer. Not only does soccer create physical strength, but it also creates strong friendships. Because of the tenacity that Behm possess, she is very coachable and always wants to improve. Behm accepts guidance from coaches and fellow players because all she wants to do is become the best version of herself.

In the future, Behm hopes to play soccer in college.  She said, “I am looking to play in possibly Seattle or California.” To Behm, playing soccer is more than just being present on the field. 

Behm says that the reasons she is excelling at the sport she loves is because “enjoying the sport you do and having some drive is really important to play.”