NDP offers a wide variety of classes, ranging from all the basic core classes to interesting electives that prepare students for majors in Communications, Media, Business, Finance, Marketing, Engineering, and many more. With all the options for college majors comes a plethora of courses a student can take.

In total, there are 167 available courses for students to take at NDP. But for this list, the five other elective options, which are comprised of Gonzaga programs, study hall, and office aide, will be taken out. This leaves 162 courses, meaning that only the top 3.7 percent of classes can make the Student’s favorites list. 

Without further ado, here are the top six classes, chosen by a handful of senior students at NDP who have taken a variety of classes, as well as some of my own picks.

  1. Street Law with Mr. Stover

Coming in at number one, is the infamous Street Law, taught by Mr. Stover. Street Law is a class available to Juniors and Seniors at NDP, and it is the fan favorite amongst all who have taken it. Street Law is a class where the students learn about the legal system and basic laws. Students love the class because Mr. Stover’s method of teaching is primarily through hands on learning, such as mock trials. Students also get taught by some of the best from “Criminal Minds” and “Cops”. I also could not write this without adding the “putting game” that goes on in Stover’s class. This is a game where you try to putt a golf ball onto a CD, and it is much more difficult than it sounds. 

NDP teacher Pat Stover attempts to putt golf ball onto disk. Photo courtesy of Rachel Bateman.

  1. Team Sports with Dinges, Fischer and Derry

Team sports is another great class at NDP and the good thing is, you can take it as many times as you want. Whether you are a freshman or a senior, as long as you have got the prerequisites, it is available. This is a fan favorite among the boys, where the students play all sorts of sports such as football, basketball, soccer, softball, and all the other normal sports out there. But students also get to learn some new games like Sabakiball and Gaelic football, which are some of Coach Derry’s favorites.

NDP has bought multiple sets of Sabakiball, one of Coach Derry’s favorite games. Photo courtesy of Greatlakessports.

  1. AP United States History with Mr. Gwinn

APUSH does not seem like it would be a fun class to take because of its difficulty, but many forget that it is taught by Mr. Gwinn, who is loved by the students at NDP. This class does cause lots of stress before the AP Exam in May, but it is still a great course for college resumes, and an overall fun class to be in. “Although the class was hard, I liked having Gwinn as the teacher,” said NDP Senior, Rylee Chasse. This is a difficult class, but you will learn all about history in the United States, and have the potential to get college credit out of it, which is another reason to take it.

  1. Guitar with Mr. Powers

Whether you know how to play guitar or not, Mr. Powers is an excellent teacher, and will always go out of his way to help students out. In this class you will learn how to play some classic rock songs that every guitar player should know, plus Mr. Powers will teach you any song you want to learn. While students learn how to play guitar in this class, they also end the semester with lots of life lessons from Mr. P. 

  1. US Gov Honors (Washington D.C. trip) with Stover, Gwinn

This class is a summer school class taken during the summer before senior year begins. Students love this class because it’s a perfect mix of learning through technology and learning through sightseeing and touring. Students also have lots of fun on this trip, and always recommend going to the class below them. NDP Senior Brianna Amireh said, “It was fun traveling, and we actually got to learn hands-on about our government.” This trip is a great opportunity to meet new people from all around the country. 

NDP Seniors Lindsey Nagel, Gabby Odinet, Jordan Safford visiting the Capitol building while on the Washington D.C. trip. Photo courtesy of Gabby Odinet.

  1. Any Spanish Class

Whether students enjoy learning about Spanish or not, everyone loves being in Spanish at NDP. The Spanish department teachers make the class fun, and students feel relaxed while in class. This class is obviously great because it will help you learn another language, but it also helps with college resumes, and in life. You never know when you might travel abroad, so being able to communicate in another language is very important.

Honorary Mentions:

  • English 3 with Marcos – This class is a favorite among many students because of Coach Marcos. Students love his attitude and passion for teaching, and they know that if they ever need anything, they can go to him. “Marcos made the class what it is,” said NDP Senior Roxy Falsafi. 
  • AP Lang with Heisler – This was personally one of my favorite classes at NDP, partially because I like writing and interpreting texts, but also because Mrs. Heisler was a fantastic teacher who really cared for her students.