The end of fall marks the beginning of the varsity basketball season. Throughout the season, everyone wants to put focus on the players, but one of the most crucial parts to a successful basketball season is the coaching. 

Kyle Diemer is the varsity basketball head coach at Notre Dame Preparatory. He has been coaching at NDP for five years. Before that, he coached at Coolidge High School and Cactus Shadows High School. 

Diemer said that he “played at Cactus Shadows High School for Nate Bjorkgren who is now an assistant coach for the world champion Toronto Raptors.” 

Clearly Diemer had a great coach and an excellent role model to base his style off of. “Coach Bjorkgren has been a huge impact on me as a coach, we still talk about once a month,” Diemer said.

Coach Diemer is a key contributor to the success of the team. He puts in countless hours learning new plays and becoming a better teacher of the game, and he also learns from higher level coaches. Diemer said, “I attend coaching clinics, am always researching and connecting with other coaches who coach at a higher level than myself.”  

According to senior Calvin Bickett, Diemer knows the team’s strengths and weaknesses and uses that information to lead them to success.  Bickett said, “For example, we are a relatively smaller team so instead of playing a man-to-man defense he gives us a zone to run that uses out size to our advantage.” 

Coach Diemer cares a lot about how each of his players acts off the court. Bickett said, “He shows that basketball is more than a game. He also emphasizes that family aspect of our team and how each team mate will be friends even outside of basketball.” 

Senior Chris Griffin emphasizes how Diemer really cares about every single player and offers to help. Griffin said, “Coach Diemer has also helped by making his players aware that it is ok to ask for help if they ever need anything.” It is easy to see that Diemer has been a positive role model for all of the players and a great factor for the success of the team as the 2019-20 season kicks off.