The boys golf team at Notre Dame Prep had a great 2019 season. They worked hard all season and finished with a record of 9-1; this record had them qualified to compete at state where they finished fourth overall in Division II.

Notre Dame has four state championships in boys golf and was looking for a fifth. When Andrew Knoll, the senior captain of the team, was asked about practices, he said, “Practices were very rigorous. When we looked at our stats as a team we lost the majority of our strokes with the short game. That being said, we spent most of our time practicing short game. We practiced every day, even over fall break, to prepare for state.” 

When junior Colby Gramhill was asked about the overall pressure at state, he said, “Most of the pressure comes from yourself and your teammates rather than other people, it is a very individual game and all of the pressure comes from wanting to play your best.” Just like any sport, athletes want to perform their best, and just as Gramhill said, pressure comes from that.  

Gramhill talked about the overall atmosphere at state, saying, “Everyone was excited to put everything from the year into two days and see how we could compete against everyone else.” 

Golf is an individual sport, but at Notre Dame Prep, it is more of a team sport.  “We are good at motivating each other to play our best and do what needed to be done and even if we didn’t win we still had the experience,” Gramhill said. 

Although the golfers did not get the results they hoped for, the overall season and performance at state are for sure something to be proud of. Going to state is quite an accomplishment, and finishing fourth overall is also extremely impressive. Hopefully next year will be the year the golf team can bring the trophy back to NDP.