The JV-A basketball team is motivated and excited to continue their success from last year. They will look to continue the winning trend with many new players along with a new head coach in Dave Camadini. 

Coach Camadini has coached for many travel team organizations at both the youth and professional levels. When asked about what he was most excited about this season, Camadini said, “Just excited to be coaching again. It’s been three years since I’ve coached full time.” 

Some of Camadini’s goals for this season include “Player development: To help every player to improve their skill set” along with “Teaching the game: To help every player better understand the game and improve their basketball IQ.”

Along with the addition of Camadini, a lot of new players have joined the JV roster.  There are only two players that remain from last year’s JV team. Some of the key players on this year’s team are sophomores Ian Clay, Carsen Mackey, and Cameron Imwalle.

 When the three sophomores were asked what they were most excited about in the upcoming season, Clay said, “I am most excited to play the teams that we barely lost to last year, I think we have a great chance to win this year. This year we have gained two new players and everyone has improved from last year.”  

Mackey added that he is excited for the Notre Dame vs Horizon rematch after the freshman team almost beat Horizon last year.  

Imwalle said his goal for the team is “To win more games than last year.” This should be a fairly easy goal after a forgettable 3-15 season for the freshman team and the 6-12 record for the JV team last year.

When asked what they wanted to improve upon from last year, Clay said, the goal “I have for myself is to help my team win in any way possible and set up my teammates to have success throughout the game.” The team will greatly need this from Clay as he will be a key starter for the team. 

Mackey then said, “I want to learn to dunk this year.” This would be good for the team as they would love to have more athleticism. 

Imwalle added that the “goals I have for myself are becoming a more consistent shooter and develop my shot better.” This would also help the team by having the team be able to space out on the floor with the better shooting.

So while Coach Camadini tries to lead the new-look JV team to a winning season, the players will try their best to meet the goals that they have set for themselves and improve on the standard that last year’s JV team made for them.