The start of winter marks the beginning of the wrestling season. This year’s underclassman wrestlers have shown a lot of promise. They have also established a bright future for Notre Dame wrestling. 

When asked about how this year’s team compares to last year’s, sophomore James Rogers said, “This year’s team has a lot more new wrestlers. So far the new team has been pretty good though.” 

Rogers clearly has a lot of hope for this year’s wrestlers. “I hope to win many matches this season and I hope that the team also wins duels during the season,” Rogers said. 

When asked about some of the challenges he expects to face, Rogers said, “My main challenge is going to be managing my time well. I will do this by trying to finish my homework during school.” Hopefully Rogers can be a positive influence on his teammates so he can help lead them to a successful season. 

One of the new additions to the team is sophomore Tyler Muranaka. Muranaka transferred to Notre Dame this year. When asked about how the change has been, he said, “I am new to Notre Dame, and this year has been good so far. The coach has welcomed me with open arms.” 

Muranaka has made some sacrifices this wrestling season in the form of weight cuts. He said, “I drink a gallon of water before I leave the house so I can hydrate and cut weight.” This is a common tactic for many wrestlers when it comes to staying in or changing weight classes. 

Muranaka has worked very hard to achieve success this season. He said, “I attended a camp this summer that was 2 weeks where I woke up at 4 AM and ran 15 miles. After that we did nine hours of wrestling, and went to bed at 1 am. This was meant to wear us down and get us in shape for the season.” Muranaka has dedicated a lot of time and effort into achieving his goals. When asked about what he expects from himself this season, he said, “My individual expectations are to make it to the state tournament and place in the top 4.” 

Notre Dame’s wrestling program has a very bright future. This is partly due to the team’s sophomore leaders, James Rogers and Tyler Muranaka, and the lasting impact they can have on their teammates over their last three seasons.