Notre Dame Prep girls’ soccer is a program to pay attention to this season. With a mix of old and new players, they have a new look and newfound energy for this upcoming year. The faces behind the scenes, but also on the front page, are the coaches. Tom White, the varsity head coach, is returning for his seventh season. Tracy Addison, the JV head coach, is starting her first season with NDP. The job of coaching a girls’ soccer team for a school like Notre Dame Prep is not easy, and these two are excited for the challenge. 

Addison, being a new face at NDP, has all of the eyes on her. People will be wondering how this season will turn out because they have not yet seen her coaching style showcased on Bemis Field. When asked what her goals and expectations are for the season, Addison was very focused around building the team. She said, “We have to continue working on fundamentals and playing together.”  

She added to that, saying, “There are a lot of different levels of experience on the team… [We] Need to find our way of gelling together.”  

In terms of what her goals ultimately are, she said, “We’re trying to get as many of these girls as we can on varsity next year.”

Addison wants to make her presence at NDP known. She said this year is all about “establishing myself as a soccer coach.” 

While Addison is starting new with the JV team, White, on the other hand, has had plenty of time to prove he is capable of creating a culture at NDP with the varsity team. When describing how the team feels about this season, White said, “I feel the team is very excited about the possibilities this year.  I feel that there is a sense of unfinished business with these ladies. The goal is always to win a state title. Expectations upon ourselves are driven by the past success of the program. Winning every game is tough to do so that truly is never discussed.”

The team channels this excitement and energy for the season into their work in practice. Addison trains the varsity girls in weight training. White said that Addison “really prepared the girls as a team to work hard early before the season so they could have success during.”

The leaders for the varsity girls’ soccer team at NDP received the honor of being named captains. White believes there are plenty of leaders, as well as seniors who have “grown into themselves as players through various challenges like injuries, etc.” 

When choosing these three captains, White based his decision mostly on their character. The three girls he chose are Megan Chermack, Alexa Clatt, and Jacqueline Culver. What he had to say about the trio is that they are “a great trio from soft-spoken to work ethic example to vocal leadership.”

White looks forward to the two biggest games of the year, Gilbert and Desert Mountain. When talking about Gilbert, White said, “Gilbert is a big game because it was truly our first game last year as a challenge and one of the few losses we have had on Bemis Field.  The end score was really a gut check to the girls. I think that one is circled by most girls who played last year.”

White describes the matchup against Desert Mountain as a revenge-type game. NDP versus Desert Mountain is a rivalry game in all sports because of the close location. White expanded on his feelings towards Desert Mountain, saying, “On our schedule, I would say Desert Mountain because of proximity is a rival and as for revenge games, maybe during playoffs but revenge games typically happen in the same year for high school teams as so many things change over one year from graduation and transferring of students.”

The 2019-2020 season girls’ soccer season is shaping up to be one for the record books, with great people in charge. White and Addison have worked hard in the offseason, so the regular season work comes easy. Now, it is time to see these girls in action.