As the holidays draw near, students will have more time to get into the Christmas spirit by traveling, ice skating, shopping, baking, and movie-watching. According to World Language Instructor Teresa Gonzalez, movie watching is “the easiest Christmas activity to do with family and friends.” This obviously begs the question, “What are the best Christmas movies?”

The movies on this list are entirely based on the opinions of students and teachers at NDP. These selections are to help others decide on what movies to watch while enjoying their time off of school. The list is ranked in order, with number one being the top choice, and six being the lowest. 

Senior Katie White and Theology Instructor Beverly Fraser showing their best holiday spirit on campus on Dec. 10 as they wait for Christmas break. Photo courtesy of NDPLive.

  1. Elf

Elf comes in at the top voted Christmas movie to watch during the holiday season. Senior Bannack Wheeler believes that it is the best Christmas movie of all time because of its ability to “get people excited for Christmas by making them laugh and enjoying their time with friends and family.” Starring Will Ferrell, this movie is an instant classic and a clear favorite. It brings laughs and cheers all around, so people of all ages can enjoy while enjoying their Christmas break. It gets everyone in the Christmas spirit, as an elf escapes from the North Pole, longing to find his father. The entire movie is filled with moments of pure comedy and enthusiasm. 

Will Ferrell brings out his Christmas spirit in this joyful film. Photo courtesy of

  1. Home Alone series

Coming in at number two is the Home Alone series. NDP Senior Brianna Amireh said, “It’s my childhood, and it is hilarious.” Starring Macaulay Culkin, the movie is about a young boy named Kevin McCallister. The McCallisters accidentally leave their son behind from a family vacation to Paris. Kevin has to survive on his own for a few days, all while having to protect himself from two burglars who try to rob the house. Kevin protects the house, and his Mom comes home on Christmas.

Macaulay Culkin stars in the Home Alone series. Photo courtesy of

  1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Senior Dylenn Maschek believes the movie is “super cute because it brings a sense of community to all who watch.” Starring Jim Carrey, this movie exploits the true nature of Christmas spirit. With suspense and comedy, this movie is filled with different emotions to create an overall great movie experience. It contains a great moral of spending time with loved ones to fulfill the true meaning of Christmas. 

Jim Carrey stars in this film to portray the true meaning of Christmas. Photo courtesy of

  1. “Die Hard” series

Former NDP student Tyler Johnson said, “the Die Hard series is pretty good, and I would definitely consider it a Christmas movie.” Some may argue that Die Hard is not a Christmas movie, but Paul Moore gives an excellent list of why Die Hard is an excellent Christmas movie. In the film starring Bruce Willis, the protagonist John McClane, New York Police Department Cop, has to save his family from a group of terrorists who take over a Christmas Party, which essentially makes it a Christmas movie. 

Bruce Willis stars in one of the greatest Christmas movies of all time. Photo courtesy of

  1. The Santa Clause series

Senior Lindsey Nagel believes they are great movies because they “allow people to imagine the spirit of Christmas as if Santa exists.” Starring Tim Allen, the three movies in the series give an insight on what it is like to be in Santa’s workshop. To children, the movies fill their curiosity of how Santa spends his days in the North Pole and his family. To adults, the movies give a sense of joy because it allows them to reminisce about their childhoods. 

Tim Allen reveals what the life of Santa Claus is truly like in this film. Photo courtesy of

  1. The Polar Express

The family-friendly film Polar Express is a movie that has been seen by nearly every kid from the younger generations. NDP Senior Adam Trupp said, “My family always watched The Polar Express when I was younger so it reminds me of my childhood.” The movie begins with a young boy getting on a train to the North Pole. On his way to the North Pole, he makes friends with the other kids on the train. Finally, he arrives, and gets to see Santa and ride in his sleigh, but the bell that Santa gives him, which only rings for those who believe in Santa, is gone because it falls through the hole in his pocket. After he gets dropped off, he finds a gift addressed to him, with the lost bell in it. His sister rings it, but does not hear the ring, assuming that it is broken. Then the boy shakes the ring and of course he hears it because he believes in Santa.

Harkins Theatres continues to show The Polar Express nationwide. Photo courtesy of