Trending social medias have drastically changed over time and will continue to change forever. 

It all started when Mark Zuckerberg invented Facebook. Facebook was first created in 2004, according to Google, setting up the foundation for later social media applications. 

Youtube was created in 2005. YouTube was one of the first application that was able to generate social media influencers. Now, some Youtubers have millions of “subscribers.”

No one could really become famous from Facebook because it is mainly about keeping in touch with friends and family instead of looking at famous people, but YouTube is completely different from Facebook.

Youtube turned people toward consuming videos that other people created. No one really watches videos their friends make; it is about the big influencers on the website or app. 

Twitter was introduced shortly after YouTube in 2006. While Twitter is not crazily popular right now, it is still steadily used by most NDP students. NDP senior Noelle Wilson uses Twitter “on occasion” or if she “receive[s] a notification from the app.”

Instagram was next in 2010, and two years later, Facebook buys the app. “Instagram is becoming the new Facebook,” NDP sophomore Karys Doan said. 

Snapchat is the next major social media app to be launched in 2011. 

Vine was first introduced to the app store in 2013. This was one of the first short video only sharing apps to really become popular. 

According to Isabelle Thottam, author for, the app was discontinued at the beginning of 2017 after it failed to keep up with other apps such as Instagram.

Shortly after the creation of Vine came, which was created in April of 2014. took after Vine in that it is a video-only social media app. 

TikTok was first created in September of 2016. NDP senior Lexi Roberson likes TikTok “way more” than even though they are extremely similar. 

“A lot of the time, the people using the app can make or break the experience of an app,” said Roberson. 

In 2017, the company Bytedance purchased Bytedance is also the owner of TikTok, and in August of 2018, the company merged the two apps together, turning TikTok into what it is today. 

Once TikTok and merged, the app really took off and expanded the variety of users on it, making it the big deal it is now.