Some seniors at Notre Dame Prep have found many ways to deal with this overdose of work.

Senior, Lauren Kobley, is in multiple AP and Honors classes, has figure skating practice before school, dance practice after school, goes to work, then works on her homework and college applications at night.

“Coming into senior year, I never expected to be pressured with as much work as I have since the start of the year in August,” said Kobley. “Schoolwork combined with working a job has put tremendous amounts of pressure on me and I struggle to complete my college applications to the best of my ability.”

Kobley’s one trick to getting all of her work done is a calendar. Time management has been the reason why Kobley has not gone to bed past midnight a single time since the school year started.

“I believe that I can enjoy my time on the weekends when I don’t have class or practice,” said Kobley. “But during the week, I allow little to no free time for myself and do my homework the instant I get home. School always comes before anything else.”

Some students have the ability to manage and organize everything to a certain standard, while others may struggle with this problem.

Senior, Michael Fagan, is constantly overwhelmed and needs a little outside help to get him through this difficult time. And he has a specific item that helps him get through it all: Bang Energy Drink.

“Bang has saved me this school year, but I feel like I have started drinking it too much,” says Fagan. “I used to only drink them before my football games. But now, I have one every day for when I am doing homework and sometimes twice a day when I am in the locker room before a game.”

Fagan admits that it is an unhealthy habit, but feels that it has become his only option because of how little personal time and sleep he gets in a day.

While some seniors use caffeine to help keep them going, juniors are already nervous about senior year from what they have heard from this year’s seniors.

Junior, Sheida Sadeghi, has heard what the stress is like from her sister, Shireen.

“Junior year has already been exceptionally tough because I often find myself stressing about my grades, standardized testing, and where I want to go to college,” says Sadeghi. “I am afraid for senior year and college because I fear embarking on a new journey and starting fresh.”

It is obvious that the difficulty of senior year is getting to everyone and people are finding their own ways to make it through.