Although the pom team did not get the first place prize they were hoping for at February’s AIA state competition, they had a very successful year bonding and growing as a team.

Becoming a family has been very important to these girls. They have spent the season bonding as a team by going out to dinner and doing something special for each other. Senior Mary Stalkamp said, “Before every competition, we randomly pick a name. We get that person candy, snacks, and write them a good luck note. We then give these to the person we chose on the day of the competition. This brings us close together and hypes us up for the performance.”

Since pom is one of the few sports that is all year long, they have spent a long time preparing for competition season. Preparing for competitions is very different than sideline cheering, which brings much more concentration and commitment. “In competition, there is a smaller group of girls, and we are in the phase of constantly watching and filming so they are able to see their routine. Last 15 minutes they do the routine full out two times in a row then work out for two minutes to get cardio in,” said head coach Brie Dragonetti.

Their hard work has paid off as they recently earned 3rd place at the state competition on February 1st. The team always receives an incredible amount of support during competition season, which always makes them more excited to get on the floor and perform.

“What I enjoy most is the energy that is all around when taking the floor. My team always takes our nervous energy and turns it into energy and excitement on the floor. There are always people that are not even from the school supporting us on the side, and the parents and family are there to support you as you go,” said senior Carly Bettis.

The pom team recently spent Valentine’s Day weekend in Anaheim, California competing for the USA National title. They spent the weekend practicing, going to Disneyland, and competing. The team ended up placing 7th in the nation in the Jazz/Pom category.