The 2019-2020 competition season was a very successful one for this year’s cheerleaders. Breaking a 10-year title drought, the team made history at the February AIA state competition.

The relationship between the girls played a huge role in their performance. Senior Lexi Bergamo said, “This year I look to keep our team focused throughout the season but also having fun while we perform. We want to find a balance because both are extremely important. Having fun while we perform is a key aspect of our routine because it creates less stress, makes it easier to perform, and looks better.”

When talking with the varsity cheer coach, Kacey Hoyer, she said that the team focused on trust and safety. “The team is being prepared for competition and the season by being safe, focused, consistent, and 100% committed at all times. I always stress safety and consistency, and each competition we always bring a routine the team feels confident about,” said Hoyer. Their win at state on February 1st positively reflected the effort put into their routines.

The environment at cheer competitions was also a key part of their performance. “A high energy atmosphere is also the best part of a competition. It created a lot of adrenaline, so time moves fast and it feels much easier to do skills while at a competition. We feed off of the high energy from the crown during our routine, making it much more fun,” said senior Page Cosgrove. Although there is a lot of pressure that comes from competitions, the high energy keeps the athletes excited to perform.

Over Valentine’s Day weekend, cheer competed at USA Nationals in Anaheim, California. They spent the long weekend practicing, going to Disneyland, spending time together, and, of course, competing for the national title. They went into finals night with a perfect score, making them all very excited for the day to come. They ended up falling just short of winning and placed 2nd in the nation in the Large Varsity Show Cheer-Intermediate category. The cheer team had a very successful trip to California and are definitely looking forward to continuing to celebrate the win and working toward the 2020-2021 season.