In 2019, the Notre Dame Prep track and field team did not perform the way they had anticipated. This year, with many new faces, including head coach Mike Brown, they hope to turn this season into a good one.

The NDP track and field team has a reason to be confident this year, and this is because of head coach Mike Brown, who is back coaching track after a several year absence. Brown said that his main goal for the season was to make the students better people. After this he values individual success, which leads to team success. The team will be helped by many talented returning athletes, including senior long jumper Logan Schipansky and junior long distance runner Jacob Nemivant.

When asked about his coaching strategy this season, Coach Brown his first plan was to “determine students’ strengths and set them up for success.”

The NDP track and field team’s highest placing in 2019 was 9th place. Coach Brown plans to improve that by pushing students for individual success. Happy students are happy runners, and Brown hopes to make sure his students are happy and successful.

Senior long distance runner Dylan O’Hara said of Coach Brown that he is “most excited about how he plans to develop us all as athletes instead of just in one particular event.” This speaks to Brown’s desire to strive for student growth and success. If every student worked hard to better themselves, they would grow as a team.

The 2020 track and field team lost 12 members to graduation last year, leaving the incoming freshmen with big shoes to fill. The returning members from last year’s team will need to step up if they hope to improve this season. Many students have goals for this season, ranging from best times to longer distances. One of these is O’Hara’s goal to run a mile in under five minutes. He said, “This season is my last chance to break five minutes, so I am going to be working very hard to improve my time.”

The seniors know this is their last season and last chance to succeed and improve at NDP, so they will all have that extra motivation to help push them further this season.