Today is our 2nd Annual NDP Giving Day Livestream! Our goal this year is to raise $25,000 but we are hoping to break our record from last year with an astounding $55,000 dollars. All of your money will be matched by an anonymous donor so let’s #giveitup4ndp !!! Donate at


We started off our livestream strong by already raising $1,700 before we went live. Juju Montes and Bennett Curran came live on air to give the viewers an introduction to our goal for this year featuring special video announcements from our principal, Jill Platt. The goal is to raise $25,000, but based on last year’s performance of raising $55,000 I would say we are more than capable of smashing that goal, Saints! 


The second hour began with $1,840 in donations from 19 donors! Dylan Benvenuto and Samantha Maxwell were on air with Andy Knoll, Deacon Carbone, and Mr. Matt Rylski to give the viewers a great introduction to both NDP Live and NDP Robotics. Andy also gave a detailed description on the hard work and dedication needed to put the livestream together. Furthermore, the editing challenge between Jayce Henderson and Andy Knoll provided great fun and competition! Our very own Andy Knoll and Jagger Jones visited Nick’s Menswear at Scottsdale Fashion Square to find their perfect prom outfits and finished off with a message from Ms. Jenni Douglas. We had raised $6,380 with a total of 314 donors!


We started off the hour with a total of $9,550 in donations with 323 donors. NDP Live showed a video of our Honors Choir performing, fantastic job ladies!! Ashton Rains shared her experience of what it was like visiting and performing at Carnegie Hall. After sharing a video of NDP’s own guitar orchestra, our professors Philip Hemmo and Deanna Hudson shared their experiences, knowledge, and passion for teaching fine arts. Paige Oliver talked about the possibility of redirecting our tax dollars and Jenni Douglass shared a memory lane alumni video. At the end of the hour we have surpassed our goal and raised $14,690 so far with a total of 335 donors.


We started off the 10:00 segment with recapping our stats from the last hour. At the end of the last hour we surpassed our goal and raised $14,690 with a total of 335 donors. We watched another house hype video to showcase how the House System has helped change our school and improve our school spirit! We announced that NDP hosted a jeans/sweats day today which costs students $5 to raise money for charity. After playing a fall sports video, we introduced Mr. Tim Schultz. He talked about our sports programs at NDP and how they help shape our students. We shared a video of Coach Addison discussing the importance of conditioning for our athletes. We closed the segment recapping our new donations. We raised $21,240 with a total of 358 donors. GREAT JOB SAINTS!


Juju Montes and Bennett Curran started off this hour with a recap of our donations so far. We raised $20,240 with a total of 358 donors in the last hour and are hopefully we can come closer to achieving our goal of $25,000 soon! After watching the intro video about the plans for our new Fine Arts Center, Mr. Tom LaPorte came onto the stream to discuss what planning went into this building and how it will change the community of NDP and impact the students educational and social experiences at school. Ms.Douglass shared another alumni video. Juju and Bennett announced we have now raised $21,790 with 362 donors!


We started out the hour strong $28,840 worth of donations! We are beyond excited that we were already able to surpass our goal of $25,000, but the giving shouldn’t stop here saints! There is so much good to come from all of these donations in our local NDP community. Our anchors chatted with Austin Layne about his trip to 1Mission and how his service trip impacted his life. They then transitioned to a discussion with Matt Malloy about his work with Miracle League of Arizona. We were able to speak with Alison Stein about her personal experience with Miracle League and how it impacted her and her family’s life. Our very own Señora Santaella shared her personal experience with yet another one of our amazing service opportunities, the Kino Border service trip. All of these opportunities our students have available to them help shape them into respectful, reverent, and responsible students. This segment was closed out by another alumni video shared by Jenni Douglass and a recap of the donations. We have a total of $31,760 in donations from 390 donors. Let’s keep up the good work saints! See you soon for the hot sauce challenge.


During this segment it was our hot sauce challenge!! If you did not watch it make sure to rewatch it in our live stream, trust me you’ll be sad that you missed it!! Sam Wetherell is this year’s winner. Congrats Sam! We ended this segment with a total of $33,680 and 399 donors. Let’s keep up the good work saints!


We started out this segment with a total of $33,680 in donations from 399 donors. Our NDP Live staff shared a video of NDP’s most recent March for Life trip! We then had the opportunity to speak with two students, Faith Scaramella and Ashton Rains, about their experiences on the march. They spoke about having the opportunity to hear President Trump speak and the youth rally which were their top two memories from the trip. We then spoke with NDP Parent Leigh Odinet who is our Mother’s Guild spiritual coordinator. She spoke about how service impacts her and her family’s life through a parent’s perspective. Father Kurt discussed faith formation on our campus and how faith plays an important role in the lives of our students both on and off campus. Looking toward the future Father hopes to further expand our on campus faith formation, service trips, and house system. 10 HOUSES, ONE COMMUNITY OF SAINTS!  Ms. Douglas also shared yet another alumni video. We closed out the hour with a total of $34,780 donations from 404 donors.


Coming back from our break, we tried something new this year! We decided to host a VR Challenge between NDP Live own’s Miles Monson and Mr. Sloan. Miles won both rounds of Beat Saber against Mr. Sloan. Better luck next time!! We finished out this segment with a total of $36,730 from a total of 419 donors.


We started out this segment with a total of $37,870 in donations from 424 donors. After watching a spectacular video from NDP Alumni about their academic experience at NDP, we had the opportunity to watch a video of our Vice Principal, Emmy Robison, about the future of NDP academics. After watching those two video, our staff had the opportunity to speak live with Ms. Tracy McBride, an english department chair here at NDP. She told us about her role on campus and how as a teacher she and the other teachers focus on our students’ growth. Our very own NDP Literary Magazine club won a prestigious award for their most recent work in the club. Keep up the good work saints! We finished out this segment with a total of $38,770 from a total of 427 donors.


Our own NDP live member Bennett Curran is a lead in this year’s musical Into the Woods!! Make sure to come out and support the saints at this amazing event. The NDP Live team was able to show a spoof on James Corden’s crosswalk musical in our very own parking lot with the Into the Woods cast. Bennett shared how the fine arts program has helped shape him over the past three years at NDP and how it will continue to shape others in the future. We shared another Jenni Douglass alumni recap. Keep up the good work saints; the live stream is almost over! We finished out this segment with a total of $45,270 from a total of 441 donors. Let’s keep collecting!!


We started out this segment with a total of $45,370 in donations from 442 donors. NDP had the privilege of showcasing our Jazz Ensemble with a video. Mr. Bob Powers, fine arts teacher, then joined the anchors and told us all a little bit more about his jazz ensemble and how they students have benefitted from partaking in the fine arts here at NDP! We closed this segment with our final video from Jenni Douglas and the NDP alumni. We finished out this segment with a total of $45,520 from a total of 443 donors. Good job Saints! Let’s try to finish strong and raise as  much as we can before coming back to sign off at 7 p.m.


We closed off the stream with $46,870. Thank you to everyone who donated and watched the live stream today. All of your donations are greatly appreciated and we cant express our gratitude to you and your families. With Noah Lederer and Lauren Kobley ending it all with a Q&A session with the live chat, we feel as if the live stream was a great success, and we can’t wait for next year!


We have one last update for you all. At the very end of the day, we closed the donation link with a total of $53,760! We are so thankful for all of the families that gave in the past 24 hours. Your donations are going to help Notre Dame Prep better the lives of their students. Thank you once again. See you next year, Saints.