By: Ethan Chantler

With the end of the winter season, spring sports are just starting up. The NDP boys volleyball team is getting ready for the games ahead. 

Last season, the team went 5-11, an improvement from the previous season, and they achieved this record with players who had no previous volleyball experience. Head coach Andrew Clark said, “To see a full fledged varsity team compete with top opponents in our conference was a testament to the athletes hard work and dedication”.

This year, Clark has high expectations and is looking for a greater level of camaraderie.  The goals for this new season also include improving the consistency of the team’s performance. The team struggled with winning multiple games in a row last season, and this inconsistency is something that Clark wants to change. This means playing consistently against teams at all levels.

Last year’s accolades go to Defensive Player of the Year Calvin Beckett, who did not return to the team this year, and Offensive Player of the Year current junior and outside hitter Jacob Fevurly. Clark’s team is a young one this year, with only one senior, Beckett Boyer, four juniors, and five freshmen. The team will need the new and experienced players to take down their rivals, such as Northwest Christian. “We have always had a great game against them – both competitively and spiritually,” said Coach Clark.