By: Cade Bennett

New head coach Bailey Anderson is bringing positive energy to the beach volleyball team for the 2020 season. There is lots of excitement around the new coach and her energy along with the revamped roster from 2019.

When asked about her goals for the season, Anderson said, “I hope to teach these students about the variety that beach volleyball has to offer, and how fun it can really be. Additionally, the skills that you can acquire from this sport can transform you on and off the court.”

Anderson coached the JV indoor volleyball team this past season and led them to a successful 14 – 4 record. Anderson has a rich history with the sport of volleyball.  She said, “I decided to begin coaching after my third concussion that temporarily put me out of my collegiate beach volleyball career, at Arizona State, for about 10 months. I loved the sport so much that I decided to show others how to love it as well.” 

Anderson is a big fan of NDP as a school in general, let alone its volleyball program.  She said, “I hadn’t known how great NDP was until I actually got here. Every interaction and experience has been better than the last. The facilities, players, and other faculty make this place a great place to coach at.”

Junior Kandace Kramer said, “This year we have such an amazing group of girls for our sand team. We all work really well together and we all support each other in and out of the sport. As a team, we are working to become better in our skill and sport. Coach Anderson is an amazing coach because she has experience playing sand volleyball at ASU. Because of her experience, she knows how to run specific drills in practice that helps us get prepared for our games. She is also young, so she is relatable and understanding towards us.”

This season, the girls will have to replace the loss of three seniors from the 2019 team and work with a roster filled with no seniors and 10 underclassmen.

Kramer said, “One of our biggest strengths as a team is that we support each other no matter what. We have a larger team this year with 15 girls, so the team is dynamic and everyone brings something different to the table. We are a younger team with no seniors and only a handful of juniors, so as the season moves on, we are focused on becoming better with different skills that come with experience.”

Junior Courtney Connor said that her “expectations for the team this year is for everyone to support each other throughout the season and hopefully win the majority of our games. Coach Anderson brings a fun atmosphere to the group and never fails to encourage us.”

The girls have only played one game so far, a closely-fought loss to Valley Vista, but look to rebound on March 17th against Desert Mountain at Scottsdale Ranch Park.