Notre Dame Prep’s JV soccer program has been labeled as “The team with the losing streak.” While this may be true, the team’s optimism and strategies for next year have become apparent from their insight. Moving into the next season, big things are to come. 

Junior Jake Golden is the starter with the most playing time out of all the players on the roster. He has been on the JV team since freshman year, which has given him the knowledge and attentiveness a leader is expected to have. His main concern, as of now, is how the team will be next year without the junior leaders. 

Golden said, “The team has a lot to work on before the next season, they need to work on passing, controlling, and the overall chemistry of the team to become successful.” 

He then added to next year’s plan, saying, “The movement of our team also needs to be quicker for our success.” 

In addition to this, he explained the troubles of the past season.  Golden said, “There was a lack in communication on the field possibly having to do with the majority of underclassmen on the team.” 

The team’s lack of communication on the field does not reflect their chemistry off the field. 

According to Golden, “The team over this year has bonded so much and is ready to play together in the next season better than ever.”

Golden has a valid point; even though one of their weaknesses has been a lack of communication on the field, their chemistry off the field will eventually override it. Thomas Karolzak, a starting freshman on the team, backed up Golden’s outlook on the team’s chemistry and where they hopefully will be by next year.

Karolzak said, “The chemistry on the field is not the best but is getting better. We have our soccer table at lunch and are constantly talking about how we can grow and get better for next season.”

The team, while losing the majority of their games this season, continues to strive to be the best they can be and that is the best they can do. Golden and Karolzak also seem to be hinting at the same ideals. Soccer is meant to be an enjoyable and learning experience. Win or lose, the experience and what you make of it is all that matters. 

Golden described his most memorable moment to be “Playing with people I don’t mind and actually enjoy playing with.”

Karozak said, “My most memorable moment of the season was definitely when Joseph got hit in the head with a ball that was pretty funny and also when the other team argues it is always so funny to watch.”

This team has ultimately broken the stereotype that winning is the only important factor when it comes to sports. These kids seem to have had an amazing experience while making everlasting memories with their newfound family.