When COVID-19 put sports everywhere on a halt in March, no one was sure when NDP basketball would be played again, but recently with talks of practices coming back soon and virus restrictions opening up, the future is bright for NDP basketball. With us getting closer to the season it is more important than ever to hear from players and coaches on how they have been focusing on basketball during the pandemic. 

For my first interview, I went to Logan Edwards, a junior here at NDP that has been playing ever since freshman year. With the virus obviously closing down so many gyms and courts, it can be a challenge for some to keep up and continue to work on their skills. “I’ve just been able to practice in my driveway and go to training, but in the beginning it was hard,” said Logan. Logan felt very optimistic about our upcoming season and overall was happy on how our school is handling health concerns due to the virus.

For my second interview, I interviewed our new head coach of varsity basketball at NDP, Luke DallaRiva. Coach Luke is an experienced D1 Coach who spent last season under NCAA head coach Todd Lee at South Dakota.  He was very optimistic on how soon we’re going to be getting back in the gym and working hard again. When asked what he thought about the current skill level at the school, he said, “We got a bunch of really hungry guys, the opportunity for this senior class, who’s never had a winning season in their high school careers’, to go out there and make a statement.” Coach Luke feels very strongly that the culture of NDP basketball is going to change drastically from years past.

For my final interview, I talked to Chance Good, a senior here at NDP who has plenty of experience overall but has never dealt with a situation like all basketball players are facing right now. Some players have had concerns about returning but Chance feels that he’ll be fine due to his overall physical health. When asked how he thinks the school is handling basketball despite all the concerns over the virus he said, “They gotta do what they gotta do.” Chance clearly feels that NDP is doing what is necessary for the virus and said, “Take it slow,”  about the upcoming season.

Despite all that has happened with the virus, players and coaches at NDP still remain optimistic on how fast we can resume play and how well we will do this upcoming season. With this kind of attitude, the future for NDP athletics in general is bright.