In the fall of 2019, Notre Dame Prep announced plans to construct a massive performing 

arts center. The St. Catherine of Bologna Performing Arts Building will be 20,000 square feet 

and will have two stories. In total, the building will cost 6.8 million dollars. The building is 

estimated to be completed by the spring of 2021 according to a video released on NDP’s youtube 

channel. The new building will be used for lectures, masses, guest speakers and all sorts of 

events. It will also hold music, drama, media and digital arts programs. With this new performing 

arts center NDP is looking to increase student participation in fine arts programs as well as 

expanding its course offerings. 

A major benefit of the addition of the Performing Arts center is that it will attract kids 

that have an interest in the fine arts. Gianna Reynoso is a freshman at NDP and has been doing 

theater for the past five years. In those five years she has participated in 7 shows. I asked 

Reynoso if the new performing arts center had any influence on her decision to attend NDP and 

she said, “When I was deciding whether or not to go to NDP a big factor for my final decision 

was definitely the performing arts center.” The performing arts center was also the main deciding 

point for her parents. Performing arts means a lot to Reynoso. “The performing arts 

have always been a big part of my life and it’s such a wonderful way of self-expression,” said 


A depressing fact is that senior students that participate in fine arts may never get to 

experience performing in the Performing Arts center. Senior trumpet player Jacob Nemivant still 

has some optimism that he will get to perform in the new building. Jacob Nemivant has been 

playing the trumpet for 7 years including 3 at NDP. Playing an instrument at NDP has been a 

great experience for Nemivant, he made lots of friends and memories. Ultimately Nemivant said 

that getting to perform in the performing arts center probably would have maximized his 

experience. Nemivant said that, “a lot of the nerves would be the same, but it would probably 

sound better in the new atmosphere.”