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The NDP varsity cheer team is facing struggles and is concerned about their upcoming cheer season due to COVID-19 complicating their normal schedule.

The NDP cheer team of 2020-2021 has been worrying about their upcoming season due to the new rules from COVID-19.  They have to adapt to the new rules and are facing a couple of struggles with it.  Most NDP sports are facing the same difficulties and many have to change their normal routine to fit the COVID-19 sport’s guidelines.

The NDP cheer team continues to practice full hours but still has to follow certain new rules at practice.  They continue to practice in hopes of having both a football and competition season.  A junior on varsity cheer, Kayla Kierein, spoke up about their practices and said, “I don’t know about football season, but we are still practicing for competition season and we just started having full team practices on September 7th.”  She told me a little bit more about how they used to practice with only have the team at a time but now they are allowed to practice full team.  With the full team, they can get a lot more done and have fun.  

The head coach, Kacey Hoyer, spoke up about how it is with coaching through these times.  She said, “I just know that they’re able to do some stuff for football and the competition season is all planned for 2021, not 2020.”  She hopes to get more information so that they can plan their practices according to competition dates.  Hoyer also said,It’s been a little challenging, but it’s been a good way for me as a coach to find new ways to coach my team and keep them engaged.”  This pandemic has given her time to find new ways to help and improve her team.  Although it’s a little more complicated, she pushes through it very well.   

One of the seniors, Erin Mahoney, met with me to discuss the struggles with practicing through the new rules.  The cheerleaders are required to wear masks for the whole practice and can only take them off to drink water.  Mahoney said her thoughts on this in, “Practices are different, and we have to social distance and wear a mask.  Things are moving a lot slower than usual.”  She also shared that their team is not allowed to stunt until it is cleared by the athletic board.  Stunting is a huge part of what makes up cheer.  They, “don’t want to fall behind the other teams because we can’t do everything at the moment”, stated Mahoney. Hopefully, the cheer team can have a semi-normal 2020-2021 season.