NDP Dance Company, (from left) Kayla Kierein, Elle Jameson, Frances Goudelis, Katie Tryon, Ainsley Montgomery, Addison Cote, stretches before continuing learning their dance on Tuesday, Sept. 16. Group photo/Helena McGinn

NDP has many great classes to offer. Upperclassmen gave their opinions on which are the best overall classes to take. These opinions can be useful to incoming students, freshmen, and sophomores. 

  1. Stretch and Pilates

NDP senior Erin Mahoney was asked to share her favorite classes that she has taken in her past high school years. Stretching and pilates is one of her all time top classes that she recommends taking. “I have done it for three years now. You get to learn about exercising and stretching, while making it fun,” Mahoney says. Not only, do you get to learn the deeper thought that goes into working your body and muscles, but you get to have fun while doing so. 

  1. Digital Photography

Digital Photography is a great opportunity to experience the work that goes into taking a picture as well as properly editing photos. Mahoney expressed her thoughts on this class. “You learn a lot on how to take good, quality photos. You also get to go to the zoo,” Mahoney said. She especially enjoyed the zoo trip. She got to see a variety of different animals in a fun and educated way. 

  1. Argumentation and Rhetoric

Argumentation and Rhetoric gives students the chance to improve their writing skills. The tools you will learn in this class will be useful in later years. “This class really prepared me for English 3 and 4. It gave me prior knowledge to succeed in those classes,” said Mahoney. This class may be challenging, but it will have a positive outcome in your future classes.

  1. Biology

Lauren Leach, NDP junior, also shared her opinions on her top classes to take. Although this course is required, the teachers provide interesting activities to help you learn.  For example, a lab that is done is extracting the DNA from a strawberry. “You get to take part in a lot of fun labs. Not only do you do fun labs, but you get to learn about how the organisms function,” Leach said.These hands-on activities allow you to further grow your knowledge and enjoy taking the class. 

  1. Dance

Dance class allows you to express your artistic creativity through movement. It is a fun and interactive way to earn your fine arts credits. “It is really fun and you learn how to dance. You get to do a performance at the end of the semester which is a good experience,” Mahoney said. Learning how to perform is a good life skill to have. It can help you give presentations in class and grow in that aspect of confidence. 

  1. Drawing

This class allows you to express your artistic creativity through visual art, rather than movement. Leach and Mahoney have both taken this class and enjoyed it. “It is fun to learn how to draw correctly. We did celebrity drawing which was my favorite project,” Mahoney said. The celebrity project is an assignment where you choose a celebrity to draw and it can be displayed in the fine arts show. Drawing is a common skill that tends to come up a lot in most people’s lives. “You do a lot of fun projects and learn the basics of drawing,” Leach said. Without a doubt, these projects make it worth signing up for the class. 

  1. Painting

If you do not have any artistic ability, painting is the class for you. Most people do not take part in this activity outside of class. “It isn’t something you often do outside of school but it is fun and worth your time,” Mahoney said. Painting is enjoyable and relaxing. It will give you an experience that you would not normally get to do. 

  1. Ceramics

Ceramics can be a one time class, but you can continue on with it for a couple of years or semesters. “The more ceramic classes you take, the more you get to work with clay. For example, once you make it to Ceramics II, you get to work with the clay wheel. You also get to take all of your pieces home,” Leach said. You get to advance in your clay shaping skills over the course while taking a piece of class home with you. 

  1. PE

PE gives students the chance to try new sports and interact with other students. “I liked PE because I got to try a lot of new sports with no pressure to be perfect. We played sports I had never even heard of. It was fun to have sports games with the whole class,” Mahoney said. You get to know your classmates and have a break during the stressful school day. 

  1. Guitar

Lastly, Leach shared her final thoughts on her top classes. Having a fun teacher always makes the class more worth your time. “The teachers are really nice. The class is pretty easy but you are also learning interesting skills,” Leach said. Guitar teaches you new skills you would not normally learn on your own.