NDP has many amazing sports but with these sports come many injuries.  There can be injuries from all the sports at NDP but these 6 sports are the most injury-prone in the opinions of many NDP students. 

  1. Football

A group photo of the NDP football team on sept. 18, two weeks away from their first home game.  Staff Photo/Mike Harvey

Football is one of the best sports at NDP but it is counted as one of the most injury-prone sports.

Jaden Scarpone, a junior at NDP and a member of the JV football and basketball teams explains that football is one of the most dangerous sports.  He said, “I would say that football is probably one of the most dangerous because it’s very physical and aggressive.” There have been many injuries throughout the years, some are minor and some are major.  

“There have been injuries such as concussions, broken limbs, torn ligaments, sprained ankles, and many more”, said Scarpone.  This sport is a very high contact sport and that’s why it results in many injuries.  The football team has pushed through all these injuries and still has amazing seasons.  

  1. Cheer

NDP cheer team performs at a football game half-time. Staff Photo/Mike Harvey

Finley Kliber, a junior at NDP, and a member of the varsity cheer team says that cheer is one of the most dangerous sports here at NDP, “I think cheer is pretty dangerous because cheer has a lot of risk for injury when it comes to tumbling and stunting.”  She also agrees that football is one of the most dangerous. 

Kliber explains that “Most of the injuries come from girls falling in stunts and tumbling.  When stunting, the flyer can fall straight to the ground if the bases aren’t there to catch her, and the bases can be stepped on, kicked in the face, and they can be knocked over by the flyer.”

Kliber has also experienced some injuries in cheer, “I tore my groin and I have very bad knee problems, from tumbling.”, said Kliber

  1. Basketball

Jaden Scarpone is also part of the basketball team and thinks it is also one of the most injury-prone sports.  “I knew someone on another team I was against, that dislocated his shoulder really bad at a basketball game”,said Scarpone.  

Basketball is a very aggressive and intense sport, therefore many injuries come with it. Although they still get injuries, they aren’t as intense as the ones you would get in football because it’s not as physical.   Scarpone says that “I’ve never had any very bad injuries but a few minor ones.  My friends have also had some minor injuries.”

  1. Soccer

The NDP girl’s soccer team celebrates after a great play in one of their soccer games. Group Photo/Mike Harvey

Peyton Layne, an NDP soccer player thinks that soccer fits in with some of the sports at risk for injury.  The sport can be very intense and physical that can lead to some minor or major injuries.  Even though it’s her own sport she still looks at the other sports and thinks it’s just as at risk for injuries as the other ones.  

She knows people that have had a few minor injuries but she has had a major one herself.  “I broke my ankle freshman year.  It was in a tackle, I didn’t lock it and my ankle just snapped”, Layne said.  This injury seems very intense and it can possibly happen to someone else if they make the same mistake.

  1. Baseball

Rocco Barletta, A junior from NDP and a member of the NDP baseball team states that “I wouldn’t say it’s the most dangerous sport due to the fact that there are not many occurrences of things like head to head collisions.  However, I would say it is definitely one of the most injury-prone sports from my personal experiences on the team.” There can be injuries from contact with the ball, the bat, and other players.  

Barletta has had a major injury from baseball recently, “My most recent injury required surgery on my throwing arm.”  He also explains that his teammates have had several injuries.  “I have known a lot of NDP players have suffered many injuries throughout their seasons. It is no secret that baseball puts a lot of stress on your arm. There are a lot of small ligaments in an arm, and many of them are weak and easy to injure,” said Barletta. These many reasons put baseball on the list for the most injury-prone sports.   

  1. Wrestling

James Rogers, a Junior at NDP, thinks that wrestling fits in with the most injury-prone sports.  He said, “I think wrestling is very injury prone because it is person to person contact.”  He also said that “It is not as bad as football and a few other sports but we are still at some risk of injury.”

Rogers has seen a few people get injured and has also experienced a pretty bad injury himself.  “I was in practice and landed on my partner’s knee and I realized that I hurt my rib when I couldn’t breathe normally a few hours later. Turns out I fractured one of my ribs”, said Rogers.