At NDP there are many different teams that students follow, both pro and college. They support teams from all over the country and the world as well. Here are the top 6 favorite pro teams among NDP students.

  1. Arizona Cardinals
Larry Fitzgerald, a long time Cardinals legend and a fan favorite for Cardinals fans, has his jersey pictured on Thursday Sept. 17. Staff Photo/ David Fraunces

At NDP many students show the in-state love to the only NFL team in Arizona, the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals have been good in the past and are showing positive signs that this season will be an exciting season. Football is one of the most popular sports in the world and it is no surprise that a lot of NDP students follow the Cardinals.

  1. Arizona Coyotes

Hockey is a very popular sport at NDP and it is by no surprise that the hometown team is a common favorite team at NDP. The Coyote legend, Shane Doan, has sent his children to NDP so there are close ties to NDP and the Coyotes. 

  1. Phoenix Suns

    Basketball is a very well-known sport across the world and especially in our country considering this is where the NBA resides. The Suns are the hometown favorites at NDP and despite their recent struggles, the very looks bright. Brian Leon, senior at NDP, is just one of many Suns fans that attend NDP. “The Suns have disappointed me in the past, but I believe Booker will lead them to a better place in the future and I will continue to support them,” said Leon. If the Suns show promise and success in this upcoming season, expect for more NDP students to show support for their hometown NBA team.

  1. Arizona Diamondbacks 

The Arizona Diamondbacks are the favorite baseball team of NDP. It is no surprise considering they are the in-state team representing the MLB and Arizona. Even though they are struggling mightily during this shortened season, their fans still show support. Maguire Peterson, a senior at NDP, follows the Diamondbacks every year closely. “I have liked the D-Backs my whole life and will cheer for them no matter the record,” said Peterson. The D-Backs have a loyal fan base and some of those fans can be found on the NDP campus.

  1. Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks have fans all across the state of Arizona, but on jersey day at NDP there are a lot of students showing their loyalty to the team from Seattle. With their fan base being as large as it is, it’s no surprise that they’re a common favorite team at NDP. Many families from Washington come down to Arizona, similar to how a lot of Canadians come here, and with them they bring their love for the Seahawks. Next jersey, day keep an eye out for those Seahawks fans.

  1. Green Bay Packers

    The Green Bay Packers round up the bottom of the list as the 6th most common favorite sports team among NDP students. In reality, Packers fans seem to be everywhere in the U.S. Aaron Rodgers is a beloved NFL icon and they have had great success in this century. It seems that every time students are allowed to show off their sports pride, multiple Packers jerseys are spotted amongst the student body. The Packers fan base is filled with pride and expect to see the NDP students who support them to show off that pride when they can.