NDP students rush the field as they start cheering for a Friday night football game. Nov. 2019. Staff Photo/NDP.

  1. Prom

With new locations and themes each spring, the Notre Dame prom is an event NDP students look forward to because of the romantic glamour and the inevitable dancing. Many students’ day-to-day lives do not include putting a ball gown on and going to a ball, so most students relish the event as much as they can. Junior and head of the prom committee Elizabeth Karlsson, said, “I’ve heard so many stories of NDP proms in the past and everyone has loved it. They are a great way to bring together the junior and senior class together and get all fancy and have a night of fun.”

  1. Football Games

Friday night football games at NDP are highly anticipated and attended events that attract the students’ competition and school spirit. The people in the stands can almost feel the adrenaline rushing from players to fans alike. Junior Elizabeth Karlsson, said, “I loved how everyone dressed up. The spirit was there. Like when it was camo, everyone went out.” 

  1. The Neon Dance Party

Filled with colorful paint and loud music, the neon dance party is one of theNDP student body’s favorite events from the lack of down-time to the teens’ exhilaration. Junior Elizabeth Karlsson, said, “I loved that everybody put their phone down and everybody got together with a ton of friends. Nobody was sitting in a corner; everybody had paint on them.” 

  1. Pep Rallies

Cheerleaders flying, students cheering, the Notre Dame pep rallies are one of the school’s special events surrounding the fall’s football season. It is a time for the students to show their support for the players and show off school spirit. Senior Alexa Demoss, said, “Pep rallies are super fun, especially on Fridays before a big game. It gets everyone excited and brings up the school spirit.” 

  1. Homecoming

A student decorated gym and a shoe covered bleacher are familiar sights at the NDP fall homecoming, where students dress up and enjoy a night of friends, dancing, and memories. Senior Alexa Demoss, said, “All of my friends went, and we were all together. Noone was left out, so it was a really fun night being able to have everybody in one spot.” She said she loved how much work and effort the people put in, and she loved seeing their work pay off in the dance.

  1. Fine Arts Festival

The fine arts festival is a musical and art-filled celebration that brings out the musicians, actors/actresses, artists, dancers and art enthusiasts. This night highlights the students’ different talents and showcases the projects they had been working on all year. Senior Alexa Demoss said, “I did Jazz Ensemble last year and it was super fun. It went really well, and there was such a big turn out. It was fun having people be able to watch what we had been working so hard on.”