Notre Dame Prep’s Varsity Pom Team steps onto the field as the stadium lights shine on the girls’ faces. Katie is in the front of the team, not knowing that this will be the last time she performs on Bemis Field. It all ends with a final, “SAINTS!”

NDP Senior, Katie Tryon, sat down to answer some questions and explain her love for dance. “I have been dancing since I was six so eleven years I believe,” Tryon said. That is 65% of her life that has been spent in the studio, on stage, in rehearsal, behind the scenes, and making memories that will last a lifetime. 

She began her dance journey at Plumb Performing Arts Center. She now continues to dance at Plumb. “My favorite part of dance is that you can never be perfect. You are always striving to work hard and be at the next level,” Tryon said. 

Dance is a form of art and art is never about perfection. It is about using your creativity and imagination to convey a story or idea. One can never be perfect when it comes to doing what they love. 

“I started pom last year so this is going to be my second year. I wish I would have started earlier but with my heavy dance schedule freshman and sophomore year, I couldn’t do both,” Tryon said. Even though Tryon has only been on the team for a short time, she has enjoyed every moment.

NDP Sophomore, Jessica Knapp, has known Katie for eight years. She shared her value for Tryon. “I would say Katie is caring and compassionate because she is always looking out for everyone and always wants to make sure everyone feels included,” Knapp said. 

The 2020-2021 Pom Season has been everything but normal compared to previous years. The team has been trying to implement positivity by texting in their team group chat for motivation and making sure everyone feels included. 

The season has looked different for various reasons. “This pom season has been a lot different because of COVID and we have had to wear masks. We haven’t been able to have pre game dinners, which were my favorite,” Tryon said.

NDP’s Varsity Pom Coach, Brie Dragonetti gave her point of view of this season and Tryon. She discussed more on how the team has been keeping a positive and upbeat mindset. “The girls have done secret sisters for the home games and they have been handing out memorabilia flowers during the home games as well,” Dragonetti said. 

Katie, being the only senior on the team, has stepped up to her role of leadership for the girls. “Katie organized secret sisters and purchased leis for homecoming so the girls could all match at school,” Dragonetti said. Sometimes it is the simplest actions that make the difference.

PPAC’s Senior Dance team competed at NYCDA in 2018 and won Junior National Critics Choice after a season of blood, sweat, and tears put into their dancing. (NDP Staff Photo/ Katie Tryon)

Tryon has been balancing studio dance and pom for two years now. While keeping up with all of her school work, social life, and activities, she has managed to win several awards. “I have won NYCDA Outstanding Dancer since 2014,” Tryon said. 

Tryon could not have done or continue to do all of her hard work without her role model, her mom. “I would say my biggest role model would probably be my mom. She has always got my back and is basically my manager. She motivates me to get through it all,” Tryon said.

Her mom is her biggest inspiration and supporter. Her mom was the one who would drive her to dance class when she was younger, do her hair, buy her leotards, and most importantly, encourage Katie to follow her dreams.

Tryon plans to continue dancing in college. She is going to double major in dance and nursing. She has dreams of becoming a professional dancer after school while holding on to her education.