Movies depicted in high school can offer a sense of comfort for students who do not know what they are doing. 

 This list of movies has been constructed to help confused students know that they are not alone. There were many movies that did not make the list that are still good, but these are the pieces that made it from the vast majority. High school is a weird time of transitioning from being a child into being an adult and these movies provide relief that everyone tries to find 

themselves in this time of transition, of course with a few bumps in the road. 

1. The Breakfast Club 

Mr. Gwinn, a Social Studies teacher at NDP, said that “The mixture of athletes, nerds, princesses, and geeks have a pretty good snapshot of high school for me in the ‘80s.” The Breakfast Club is about a group of students who have to serve detention for different reasons while utilizing each of the high school stereotypes to make for a heartwarming comedy. 

2. Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction is a movie that convinces its watchers to always do what is right because life may work in mysterious ways. This movie is good for high school students because it shows how in life there are times where taking the easy way out is not always the best option. Life is challenging and students will face some of these challenges in high school. 

3. High School Musical 

High School Musical plays into the fantasy of what incoming students think high school will be like. Emily Brummer, a high school senior, said, “I think High School Musical describes my highschool experience best because it has been like a fairytale, with some minor bumps in the road of course.” Although the movie is not the most realistic movie for high school students, it does provide some comic relief with a little bit of romance, and who doesn’t like that?

4. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 

Ferris Bueller is a movie about a kid who decides to skip school and runs into more problems than he intended. This movie is good to watch in high school because it makes students take accountability for their actions. Every action in life has a consequence, whether that be good or bad. 

5. Mean Girls

Mean Girls is a comedy about a new student trying to navigate mean girls in her school. This comedy, although exaggerated, does focus on the cliques that exist within high school walls and how debilitating it can be for outsiders. Not judging a book by its cover allows people to be more understanding of everyone. 

6. Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink is about two different social groups intermingling and how that can disrupt the high school order. Without the different cliques, the stereotypes do not know what to do, and this romantic comedy shows how these problems can come into play. 

High school can be scary, but these movies can make the transition less scary and add a bit of comic relief. Always remember that no one is alone and the feelings of purpose are worldwide.